Evans Wall gallery selling copy right images illegally
August 27 2002

The Evans Wall Gallery is selling copy right prints of work that does not belong to them nor do they have the rights to sell them. We have put the links for you to view the images. 

These images are illegally being used and The copy right owners have asked for them to be removed but Elses Depot refuses to remove them
** check out the links and images at the bottom of this page for they just might be yours. 

 FrankDiaz Escalot's  Still listed on Elses Depot

http://www.elsesdepot.com/artists_ldp.html   image removed as of August 30 2002

the list goes on

Pat Mckennas work still listed on Elses Depot



Here are some more images he has on his site are these yours ??? If these images are yours and you have not given authorization for them to be on Elses Depot  you should be aware that they could be selling prints of them..


There are other galleries that he is also using and we will follow up on that for you.