I just want it noted that if anything happens to my husband, Frank Diaz EScalet, (42 years I've loved & lived with this man),
because of all the suffering, aggravation, & stress of the Illegal use & sales of his prints on http://www.elsesdepot.com/diaz.html I personally will come after Mr. Evan Wall Carter where ever he is &
whatever name he is using. Evan knew that Frank's health was fragile & yet he persists in doing this, along with threatening him as well. Frank is 72 years old and the lasts few months has been to the emergency room twice and in great chest pain all this time. Mr." Evan Wall Carter" was told on 4/20/2002 by 7pm to take down all of Frank's images.......no deal for Evan
to represent him & since Evan told us there were no sales.....why keep it up there?......It's bad enough you promised a 30 Painting exhibit that you could never deliver...all you did was remove the link......You can still order & access this site from anywhere on the net.....and it leads right back to you, Evan......We know this because we have proof now of sales....Just remember, If anything happens to Frank, Evan, I'll sue you & we'll see who the hell wins in a court of law & I'll live long enough to do just that!......Marjorie J. Escalet