My name is Sylvie Flender. I am an artist painter living and working in Paris, France.

I have been during one year the victim of a cruel game that Mr Evan Wall Carter (director of the "Evan's wall group of galleries") 
set up." I was first contacted by evan's wall gallery in March or April 2001, when Mr Cater himself sent me a message through
yahoo messenger. Mr Carter was apparently interested in some paintings I have done and which were posted at a Quebec 

We frequently exchanged e mails and online messages, again through Yahoo. One day Mr Carter told me that he has opened a  gallery in Brussels and that he wanted to meet me. I told him that it would be fine whit me, as Paris is only one hour from
Brussels by train.

On the day he was supposed to arrive in Europe however Mr Cater was not there! Supposedly, his associate came

I then sent him photos of my paintings by e mail, which be consequently posted on his website.

Then Mr Carter asked me to be available for a telephone conversation one Saturday, because he supposedly was to conclude the  sale of one my paintings to a German buyer. I told him I unfortunately could not be free at that time, as I had to be at important  business luncheon. He became very annoyed and told me later that he was not only able to sell the painting because I was not  there for the phone conversation, but that he had lost money because he had been obliged to reimburse the supposed buyer.

Mr Carter then took my paintings off his web site on pretext that I was unreliable!

In August 2001, I was again in contact with Mr Evan Carter, who proposed that I become the director of his new gallery
in Paris, where I would also be able to expose my paintings!!

The gallery was to be in the 16th arrondissement (section of the city) on the "rue Raynouard" near Trocadero neighborhood.
I went to find the address which I thought normal since I was supposed to work there.

At the address (posted on Evan's Wall gallery website) there was no gallery, and according to the guardian of the building none  was supposed to be installed.

I asked Mr Carter about this ( he was not happy) and 2 days later the address of the supposed gallery had changed: Now it was to  be in the 3rd arrondissement on "rue Dubeyleme", but unfortunately for Mr Carter that street is near my home. Of course I went  to see and this time was a gallery there but it was not Mr carter's one and the photo on his web site was not showing the same  place.

Again, I expressed my surprise to Mr Carter, who replied to me with a series of insults and then he asked me to come to New 
York saying he would send me airplane tickets which of course I never received. Then the address for the new gallery in Paris 
changed again," rue Marbeuf" in the 8th arrondissement.

Still curious, I went to the address and found not a gallery but a pizzeria and relocation office. I called at the phone number 
indicated on the website and was told that there was no gallery but that they took messages to set up meetings for the

To my stupefaction the director of the Paris gallery was no longer to be me but was a person named Chloe Beaudoin the girlfriend  of Jaz Carter (the Evan Carter's sister) I was disappointed of course but that' life!

September 11th 2001 horror stuck the world and Mr Carter told me that his brother John and the director of the NY gallery
had been killed in the tragedy. I was very sad for him.

In the meantime, my niece who lives in NY went to see the supposed gallery of Mr Carter, and found nothing !! 

At this point I finally began having serious doubts. When the Thanksgiving came and Mr Carter reserved tickets
for me with Air France to fly from Paris to NY or so he said. I called Air France but they had neither tickets no reservation in my  name. When I sent him an e mail expressing my incomprehension , I received a mail in return that he had died of a heart

Following the announcement I began to receive e mails from a supposed lawyer named Mark Sutherland ,who informs me
that I was to inherit $2.5 millions of Dollars from Mr Carter.

Then I received e mails from one other Carter's sister, Ruth who invited me to come to NY in January 2002. It was my
surprise to me when neither tickets nor reservations were ever sent to me ,as promised.

I consequently learned that I was accused of stealing paintings!! I received insults from the supposed sister Ruth and from the 
supposed lawyer!!

And that is the end of my story with Evan Carter.

I only hope that everything possible will be done to bring whoever Evan Carter REALLY is to justice ,so that other
trusting and trustworthy people like myself don't fall into his cruel trap