Martine Genicot
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Mr. Carter contacted by phone about one year ago, he saw my website on He asked me if I would be interested in being represented on his website. He was insisting on the fact that he had 3 physical galleries (Miami, New York and Paris) and that later on he could organize an exhibition of my work in one of these galleries.

 I was living in California at that time.  Then my family and I moved to New York 2 weeks before 9/11. After September 11th, Mr. Carter contacted me to ask me if we were all OK and told me that unfortunately Mattie Havmeuller (the curator of the New York gallery) had been killed along with his brother in the terrorist attack of that day. Again  Mr Carter uses the tragedy to gain what he wants I of course presented my condolences to him and told him that I could help with the gallery in NYC and the new exhibit which was supposed to happen couple of weeks later.... He asked me if I would like to become the curator of the gallery as Mattie Havmeuller was dead. I was surprised because I had no expertise in this field but after talking to him many times he convinced me to accept the job. He was then supposed to come to NY to meet me. The first time he cancelled the appointment at the last minute, the second time as I had no news from him I insisted on having more information. He then sent me a very short email saying that because of anthrax threat the galleries in the States were closed momentarily....... This is the funnist thing I have ever heard
Then no more news until 2 months later a certain Alexis Sandoval contacted me to send prints for an exhibition in Germany. I was surprised and went back to have a look at the evanswallgallery website. To my big surprise I found out that the names and addresses of galleries in NY, Paris, and Brokstedt Germany.
I then sent an email to the curators of these galleries to introduce myself. Two days later I received an email from Parker Carter, Evan so called partner who told me that I was removed from the website, and an unpleasant one from the NY curator wondering if I was working behind Evan Carter' back! Actually I found out Parker Carter got mad thinking I have been corresponding with Ms Flender curator of the Paris gallery. This poor woman (if she ever existed!) was supposed to have serious drug problems, stealing paintings from the gallery and thus her name was removed form the site soon after! After a couple of very nasty letters Parker excuse himself realizing that I didn't do anything wrong and I was put back on the site, I was also promised an exhibition at the beginning of the year.

Also I could of course still send my prints to Germany. If the prints were not sold during the first week of the opening the Evan Wall Gallery was going to buy them anyway at half the priceSame story he told everyone else So I had nothing to loose! Soon after Evan who was back from his trip to Europe, asked me if I would like to send 10 more prints for the gallery in Miami for he knew some collectors who were interested in  my work.

Well, a month after the opening of the Brokstedt exhibition I asked Alexis Sandoval (who was my so called artist representative!) my money for the prints sent to Germany. Because I didn't send the Certificates of Authenticity in time (Evan told me about them the day of the opening!) I couldn't received my money because Dr Parra was not able to sell them without the Certificates. Anyway I talked to Evan on the phone who assured me that it was his fault, as a lawyer he should have known better, the certificates of authenticity should have been mentioned in the contract, so I will receive my money soon.

Of course I never received any money for my prints, there were all kind of excuses or incredible stories (Margret Parra from Germany was his wife, Alexis was his adopted daughter). In the meantime I received a new contract to sign sent by Willow Bota the new director of gallery operation! I didn't agree with this contract which was too restrictive so I didn't sign it. Mid of March I received a phone call from Evan who one more time, was supposed to come back from a long trip to Europe where he had been negotiating deals to open 2 new galleries one in Barcelona and another one in Vienna!
He told me that he was so sorry, that I will receive my money in 2 days, that he will finally organize an exhibition for me in Paris mid of June. Of course I was delighted! The same evening he was inviting me to spend a week end in a nice hotel in Miami! I was shocked, he realized it and immediately send an email asking me to forgive him, because "the combination of the trip, the pressures of the new gallery and my personal life caused a short circuit.He was by no means making any excuses because there are never any excuses for not maintaining social and professional protocol"!

He came back with the new contract, I then asked my son who is a young lawyer to help me, we were also mentioning in the contract the exhibition in Paris. Each time my son was asking him precise questions, he never replied accordingly, he was starting to find excuses to cancel this exhibition that could never happen because the gallery in Paris doesn't exist! Finally he said that the gallery was not representing prints or original relating to these prints anymore. Then I had not enough paintings for an exhibit!

Martine Genicot

Mr Carter is a man of many galleries and expertise in the art world  or  so he claims... and yet he can not find 10 paintings in his possession that belong to Martine. How many rooms can your no bedroom condo have Mr. Carter ?????????