Nick Chaldakov

Artspace2000 remarks can found in Red type

Dear Madam or Sir,

The Evan's Wall Gallery in Miami, USA does not return my 28 fine art photography prints, nor pay value of  each of the 28 prints !

What happens?

17 January 2002, Alexis R. Sandoval, Director of Artists Relations of the Evan's Wall Gallery, wrote to me:
"I am very impressed with your work as a photographer." 

19 January 2002, Alexis R. Sandoval wrote to me: "Owners were simply overwhelmed with your work
and we would welcome the opportunity to represent you and your wonderful works in The Evans Group 
of Galleries and have the works installed in the four galleries including Miami, New York, Paris and
Brokstedt, Germany."

21 January 2002, In effect, the Evan's Wall Gallery made contract with me, and asked me to send 30 of
my photography prints to be installed in their galleries mentioned above.

10 April 2002, I sent to the Evan's Wall Gallery in Miami, Florida 28 photography prints, 30 x 40 cm,
exhibition quality. I received e-mail message from the Gallery informing me that they received my 28
prints. 16 April 2002, Alexis Sandoval: "Please be advised that the Gallery in Miami has received your twenty-eight (28) photographs  and the Schedule A sheets filled out with the appropriate names, sizes, shipping method and prices."

However, having my prints, the Gallery wrote to me that the Gallery does not appreciate the quality of
prints and that the prices I asked for prints are very expensive. And, the Gallery offered to me a price of
US$ 100 per print. Accordingly, I responded to the Gallery that the prints are hand-made in the
professional laboratory on semi-mats Agfa Pro papers 30x40 cm, some of them being presented at Art
Expo 2001 in New York and recently in London, UK. Of course, US$ 100 per print is a price I can not
22 April 2002, Nick Chaldakov: "Please, send ASAP my 28 art photography prints to my postal
address by express airmail."

The Gallery refused to return the prints to me. When I wrote to the Gallery that I would disseminate the information about what happens with my 28 prints, Marc Sutherland, ( not a lawyer ) the lawyer of the Gallery, wrote to me that if I inform other people what happens, he will prohibit my E-mail and my web page: "Notice will be sent to the Federal Trade Commission and both Yahoo and your own Internet Service Provider with be notified. Please know that I have already put both your service provider and Yahoo on alert and sent them copies of your e-mails so I should hope that you will govern your behavior accordingly." Is this blackmail?... sure sounds like it to artspace2000

24 April 2002, the lawyer of the Gallery wrote to me that they will return the prints: "Federal Expressed
advised my secretary that with Expanded Service, your photographs will be delivered to you in Varna,
Bulgaria on Thursday, May 9th. For your records and so you may keep track of your shipment, the
international waybill number is 8308 9801 5340 and the I.D. Number is 0425."

However, when I tracked the shipment with the international waybill number: 8308 9801 5340 and the ID
Number: 0425 in the Federal Express, the answer was: "Not Found. No scan record for the following
shipments has been received by our system yet. Tracking Number 830898015340 "

28 May 2002, Evan Wall Carter, the owner of the Gallery, wrote to me: "If the prints are not located by
the end of the business day on Friday, May 31, 2002, I will pay you the wholesale price or value of each of the 28 prints…" Where is the money Mr. Carter ???

6 June 2002, Evan Wall Carter wrote to me: "The shippers told us that they have located your prints and
you should have them within 48 hours."  Are you telling us that Federal Express can not tell time Mr. Carter.... 

However, after 48 hours the prints did not reach me. And, I wrote to Mr. Evan Wall Carter to inform me
who is the shipper and what is the tracking number of the shipment. Mr. Evan Wall Carter did not reply to
me yet!

11 June 2002: Neither my 28 photography prints, nor the "wholesale price or value of each of the 28
prints…" have been reached me yet!

My question is why the Gallery can not govern its behavior accordingly? Maybe the prints are sold?
Maybe the prints are not sent to me? Thus, I do not know where are my prints now… Anyhow, you may
view my 28 missing print.

Collaboratively, I will not leave this problem unsolved! Looking for your advice, help and cooperation!

I remain, Sincerely yours, 

Nick Chaldakov - art photographer

Tell us Mr Carter or is it Mr Spade... have you sold these photos but did not get the amount the rightful owner wanted  because you tried to make a quick dollar knowing that you had no intention to pay the artist ??....or are you just to cheap to pay Nick for his Work?  But what can you expect fromone who it appears tried to benefit from the Sept 11 2002 Twin Tower Tragedy