Mr Carter 
We are a bit concerned in regards to Mr Nick Chaldakov. You claim that you have sent back his photos and that someone signed for them. Mr Nick Chaldakov claims that he ( see email below )
Subject:  Re: Artspace2000 update IV
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 05:14:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nick Chaldakov - photographer <>
To: Art Space 2000 <>

Hi Pat, 

It is arrogant lie! I do not receive my 28 prints!  What is the shipping number...?

Best Regards,
Nick Chaldakov
As you can see Mr Carter there seems to be a problem here. Some one has the photos and we would like to find out just who has the photos. As you have sent them back to this man then either the shipping company has made an error or Mr Nick Chaldakov has them. We do not want to side with either Mr. Nick Chaldakov  or yourself .. one of you are in possession of these photos or know who is. Since you have  proof of delivery we would like to check into this and then print the results. If  you have returned the photos and Mr, Nick Chaldakov has then  the truth should be told.
Perhaps Mr Nick Chaldakov has forgotten he received them or perhaps a mistake was made in shipping and they were delivered to the wrong place.  This is a very simple matter to straighten out... all it takes is the name of the shipping company and the waybill or tracking number. Would you please be so kind as to tell us this information so that this matter may be brought to a quick conclusion. 

I am sorry to hear about yourself and Dr. Margret Parra

Thank you for looking into Ms. Genicot's paintings. The only question I have is I do not understand that if they are in Miami either you have them or you don't. Excuse me for my ingnorance but where else would they be. Perhaps if you can give me this information we can make a few calls  to save you some time  and get these  paintings back to her quickly. As to the one in Brokstedt, Germany we will write Dr. Margret Parra and find out why this painting was not shipped back to her with the others. Is her email ?

As far as the agreements go Mr Carter I do in fact have a copy of one and I have had my lawyer look at it and the amendments by email from yourself . But I digress that is not what we are here for. 
Our main concern is that people get their work back and so far you have cooperated and obliged as to Tracy Gardners painting. She may not be happy about the shipping of it but the fact that she is now in possession of it and it was returned in good shape is what matters right now.

We look forward to the return of  Mr Mckenna's ...Ms. Genicot's.... and the requested information on Mr Nick Chaldakov. Once I have received the tracking number for Mr Mckenna and made the confirming phone call I will post the information for others to follow the tracking.
Thank you for your cooperation and for the return of Ms Gardners work

Sincerely Pat