Subject:Last Response to ArtSpace
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 01:46:43 -0400
From: "Evan Carter" <>
To: <>

Dear Ms. Zubriski:

You have made a valiant effort, but you can stop attempting a public hanging of me in your little village square. Once again, you've don the same thing as you did months ago when you and I worked together, you get reactionary, jump to conclusion and start posting images and messages without waiting for the results... I know you remember the British Arts incident and the article your published about the Berne Convention.

You have proceeded to do the same thing here Ms. Zubriski. You published a transmission sent to you by Ms. Gardner; I told you it had been edited and before you received the "original copy" from Ms. Gardner, here you are back here slamming me again in public. It is clear Ms. Zubriski that you are editing because in each of my e-mail transmissions I am leaving my signature on the bottom on purpose which allows your readers to contact me directly with my direct telephone number and faxes and three times now, you have chosen to completely cut that out... Unless you simply don't know what the word editing means Ms. Zubriski, cutting of my e-mail address and telephone number so your readers cannot contact me directly, is EDITING.

Or are you afraid your readers will learn something that you will not be able to control in his forum for your public hanging in the village square. Let's give your readers a sampling and allow them to track the recent shipment themselves of Ms. Gardner's artwork: If your readers will go to and click on "tracking" and insert the following number: 9295838090... Ms. Gardner's story is going to go right out the window.

After your readers have absorbed that information, they can contact me and I will send them information from OUR files that aren't posted here which will illustrate that this was not our first attempt to ship this painting to Ms. Gardner and Ms. Gardner went five days with out even answering us when the shipment was waiting.

We will also provide documents which will illustrate to your readers how when we asked for Ms. Gardner's address to be updated nearly a month ago, how your office would not provide her number or address for shipping and instead suggested we send a $15,000 painting to someone other than the rightful owner... if we are going to tell the story Ms. Zubriski, lets tell it correctly.

As far as "all these people" who you have appointed yourself as "guardians" of and self-appointed liaison for art retrieval, why not get Mr. Chaldakov's agreement in hand first and read the agreement he signed with us for "exclusive representation of original works", and then go back and look at the fourteen galleries on his site in which he signed the same agreements with. 

Take a look at the twenty-eight (28) images he submitted to us as "original photographs" and then look and you will see that he is sell and has bee selling the same images on his own site. Ask me Ms. Zubriski, for the people who have written to me who have known Mr. Chaldakov for years and have known that these events are a part of his behavior... Salaries in Bulgaria average $62 per month and this gentleman ask for $600 each. Amazing, simply amazing.

The fact of the matter is Ms. Zubriski, I am the real idiot here for continuing on with this insaneness. I already know you and your capabilities and unfortunately, your limitations. So with that in mind Ms. Zubriski, your readers will just have to think what they want to think and I wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors.

e v a n w a l l c a r t e r

Miami, Florida Paris, France

Telephone: 3055320740
Facsimile: 3056730051

Mr Carter we are sorry you feel that this is a public hanging. It is not a public hanging it is several artists that can not understand why you will not return their work.

If you did as you have stated returned Ms Gardners work then we will post that message as soon as she has her painting back in her hands.

RE: editing... read the email again Mr. Carter your email and information are just like they were on the email so no editing was done. Your email address is on the update along with your web site url and your phone number. Read Mr Carter Read and you will see it is all there for everyone to see. No editing took place. 

As per the above email you are very unhappy with Mr. Chaldakov and find his behavior not to your likening then we ask you why do you not just return the images and be done with him.  Why would you want to represent a person you do not like nor wants you to represent him?

Having said that about Mr. Chaldakov I have to wonder why you would not return Mr Mckenna's or Martine Genicot  works to them.

As far as your innuendos about the Berne Convention let me only state that I am not always  reactionary, or jump to conclusion. I have become a little wiser since last year and have learned to  play my cards close to my chest. I have learnt that life is like a card game you do not play all your cards at once. You hang on to the good ones until you feel that you have no other choice but you wait to the bitter end.  The only thing I have not learnt to do well yet is bluff . Enough about card games and what I have done with my spare time.

I ask you to please give these people an explanation why they do not have their paintings and images back and if you intend to give them back.. Or if you intend to keep them why you feel you have a right to.

Very simple Mr Carter all these people want is to know why you will not return their  work.