Subject: Response Letter: Friday, June 28, 2002
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 01:58:11 -0400
From: "Evan Carter" <>
To: <>

Dear Ms. Zubriski:

The first item on the list with regard to the return of Mr. McKenna's artworks, the shipment will go out according to the dates I have outlined for you provided he himself is in agreement with the terms I presented. I mean no disrespect to you Ms. Zubriski, but in this case, our agreement was with him and not you.

As to why we "out-source" work, I don't know about the friends you mentioned that you have in the business, but unless we are "hand-delivering" a work of art, we always out-source our packing and crating for one. Secondly, and I can provide you with a copy of the bill we paid from Creations Art in Miami Beach where we had to repair a frame on one of Mr. McKenna's works that was broken during shipment from Ireland to the United States. We are not taking any chances, particularly at this juncture, of having any of Mr. McKenna's works damaged.

This "good faith" you mentioned Ms. Zubriski on Mr. McKenna's end was a part of an agreement between he and the Gallery. That "good faith" Ms. Zubriski was matched according to my end of the agreement because I paid to have it shipped here. Now there is a request to end that agreement and I am returning the work back to him. We've spent almost $2,200.00 in shipping alone Ms. Zubriski and when the moon sets over Miami come Monday evening Ms. Zubriski, all I will have to show for that $2,200.00 is the space on my walls and $2,200.00 less in my wallet. I think we can remove ourselves from the topic of "good faith" and move on to something else.

As to the difference between the what I offered to pay and the $299.84. The difference is $1,125.00 and Mr. McKenna is aware of what that amount is for. Mr. McKenna suggested that he will pay for the shipping, but he doesn't have access he claims to a courier with whom he can create an account, or at least that he does not have an account with any international couriers. I agreed to pre-pay the shipping. Every expense over that $1,125.00, Mr. McKenna will have to pay himself, good faith or no good faith.

Regarding Ms. Gardner: the story you have on your pages that she wrote (three pages worth), has some serious flaws in them and you yourself know what some of them are, particularly that issue with the gentleman in San Diego because it was you who asked me to get involved in the first place. Before your involvement with this gentleman who you accused of approaching your artists, I had no knowledge of him or of Ms. Gardner. Ms. Gardner's slant on the story is quite different and you have not said anything about it at all. Your husband did say that this gentleman in San Diego and I were the same person, but you and I know that is not true.

As to Ms. Sheley and Mr. Contreras, if they wanted to know the answers or see the winning images, they have had three months to do that. This Gallery has h ad many communications with Ms. Sheley and Mr. Contreras and not once have they ever mentioned wanting this information. I think they may want to know now, like many of your readers may want to know a lot of things, but to suggest that their "only" interests was to know who the first place winner was is, well Ms. Zubriski, not exactly accurate. If they want to know who the winners were, let them write to me directly.

On the issues of Ms. Genicot and Mr. Chaldakov, I don't want to go back and forth here needlessly Ms. Zubriski. I told you that I was looking into the matter of Ms. Genicot's prints and I am doing that. Once I have the answers, you will be the second to know. As far as Nick Chaldakov is concerned, I am not discussing him period and I have told you why. If Mr. Chaldakov is in anyway a part of your set of conditions Ms. Zubriski, we may as well end our communications now.

As to Dr. Parra's e-mail address, I don't know what e-mail address you have. This is what I have:

Finally Ms. Zubriski, while I am sure your daughters will enjoy their trip to New York, I cannot see what your visit to New York or Florida has to do with me or what these issues have to do with your trip to the United States. Surely your husband has shared with you his conversation with me personally where he so adamantly and clearly described his size and girth and how divestating a fighter he is, so under the circumstances I am a little bewildered again as to what these matters have to do with your visits to New York and Florida. Perhaps you would care to be more specific?


e v a n w a l l c a r t e r


Telephone: 3055320740
Facsimile: 3056730051

Response........ What a load of crap. I think Mr Carter you are right and it is time to end this. I have suggested that Mr Mckenna refuse to pay you the 1125.00 again

Some of you may be wondering why I would suggest Pat Mckenna refuse the conditions Mr Carter has set in order for him to get his paintings back. Up to now I did not want to get involved in the rest of Mr Mckennas problems but since some of you want to  know I will tell you and since Mr Carter wants to portray himself as a victim and make himself look like a good guy.
Mr Mckenna received his credit card statement which he has forwarded to me and there are 2 charges  one on May 10 in the amount of $500.00 and another charge on May 15 in the amount of $500.00 both charges are in us dollars and paid to Evan Wall Carter. The third one was in January for $125.00 which was a duplicate charge for copy right  fees ? The total of the unauthorized payments as per Pat Mckenna are $ 1125.00 us dollars. 
Mr Carter owes this money to Pat and instead of paying it back he is trying to make people think he is playing fair and offering to pay most of the shipping charges.  NOT. 
I live in Canada and in Canada this is fraud or theft I am not sure what it is called in the United States or in Miami.
Mr Mckenna does not deserve this he deserves his money credited  back to his credit card and then Mr Carter for the use of his money  and the underhanded way you did this the very least you could do is pay for the shipping and get them back to Pat as quickly as possible.
Anyone  that has had unauthorized payments taken  from  their credit card by this individual even if they are paid back please let us know by email

This is not the first time Mr Carter has  taken an unauthorized payment from someone's card  as Sharon Sheley will tell you. She did get her money back but so far Mr Mckenna has not.
I suggest anyone who has given Mr Carter their credit card number look at their statements from the time you gave the information until today. Then I suggest you cancel your card and get a new one. I have a copy of the statement that belongs to Mr. Mckenna and his email stating theses payments were not authorized. If anyone wants to see it just let me know.
Also several people have been left with the feeling of being threatened by Mr Carter. It does not matter if he denies it they were made to feel they were being threatened.
As to the reason he gave Sharon Sheley about the computer trouble I say very unlikely... but perhaps.... but this no way.

Mr Carter you want people to trust you and play your game  then you screw them and then you blame them for backing out of the agreements . Perhaps that is the next thing that should be made public. 

Your galleries that you claimed to have did not and does not exist at the address you gave. The address you gave in New York is not a gallery and and you will not state who won your art expo so obviously there is no showing in the para rosa rooms in New York You have had galleries in a lot of places at least that is what you have claimed. Now you have the audacity to say you have gallery in Paris and Winchester... You sir are a liar. Yes Evan I am calling you a bald faced liar.

I will not lower myself to your level of name calling and if you want to call me names and swear at me that is your right but may I suggest Mr Carter that is not very business like. I wanted to give you every chance to voice your opinion but you get mad when I ask questions you refuse to answer. It is not my fault you can not find Martines paintings or that you won't return Nicks photos. Do not blame me for your taking of unauthorized payments and it is certainly not my fault that as you claim you can not afford to pay Mr Mckenna back the 1125 plus the shipping. Perhaps Mr. Carter you should stop telling people about your new galleries in different countries every month and then people won't think ill of you when they find out that you are a liar.

To the other things you said Mr Carter to me in your email I respond with the words " Sorry I can't hear you "

One last thing if anyone has emails from Mr Carter stating that he is a lawyer please let me know.


one more thing for you to think about .... this man  shipped a $15000.00 painting back to Ms Gardner is a cardboard box.. I thought you outsourced your paintings because you were so careful . If you don't know what I an getting at read your last up date Mr Carter and you may  also want to check your DHL invoice for tracking to Pat Mckenna how can you put a weight on this when according to you they have not even been packaged yet????????????  More bull and more stall tactics.