Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:11:43 -0400
From: "Evan Carter" <>
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Dear Ms. Zubriski:

As promised in our e-mail transmission dated Monday, June 24th, 2002 regarding the shipment and resolution of affairs with Mr. Pat McKenna, attached please find as a part of this e-mail, (1) Shipper's Export Declaration Facsimile from DHL; (2) the Shipment Receipt with details in international information; (3) an inventory sheet of what was installed in
the Gallery with sizes and suggested retail prices and (4) a copy of our Courier Pickup order scheduled for Monday, July 1st, 2002 between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and the confirmation number for that pickup is: 123890.

Since Mr. McKenna's twelve (12) artworks are framed and the frames are somewhat fragile, particularly to be shipped international, I have insured them for the "declared value" of $25,000 as per the "shipment receipt". The cost of shipping as is listed on the DHL "shipping receipt" is $1,427.84 and I will pre-pay $1,125.00 of this invoice. Mr. McKenna will be responsible for the additional $299.84 upon receipt of his paintings in Ireland and all duties and taxes which may be accessed because of the international export fees.

In addition, because of the fragile nature of the frames on the artwork, we will "out-source" the packing of these works and the cost of the crating, Mr. McKenna will also be responsible for. I will provide the name of the company to you that we use for crating and packing, actually the same company that packed, crated and shipped Mr. Peter Jansen's work. Mr. McKenna will have to contact Mr. Silverberg directly for this payment.

These paintings should arrive at the studios of Mr. McKenna by Friday, July 5th, 2002 at which time our business with him would be concluded.

I am sure you have your reasons and since you say that there is no attempt or intentions of a "public hanging", I am wondering why as we conclude certain issues with the various artists, why the names under "See what others have to say:" still appear on your pages. These names would be Ms. Tracy Gardner; Ms. Cecile Coiffard; Mr. Sal Contreras and Ms. Sharon Sheley. I've kept my end of each part of our negotiations and while I understand that you are a busy individual, if you had the time to place it there, you have the time to take it down.

In addition, the indication on your home page that these works were either "lost or stolen" is certainly not accurate at this point, or have I missed the point in all of this Ms. Zubriski?

My last point Ms. Zubriski, as I mentioned to you earlier is an extremely sensitive one with me and I implore you to remove it and I am referring to Item Number 4 in reference to my brother and partner. We have had uninterrupted negotiations up to this point and I don't want to see anything happen to these negotiations, but I can assure you that if something is not done in reference to item 4, our talks will come to a dead stop and I am  more than willing to accept whatever consequences that me present themselves as a result of any of my actions. I trust you will give this some
consideration. I am not asking you to provide your readers any explanation, I am just asking you to remove it.

I am also still awaiting your proof that we used the Bank of America in our exposition pages back in the first of the year.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.


Evan Carter
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 The following 6 piece(s) have been sent by Evan Carter from > Evans Group of Galleries via DHL Worldwide Express on 07/01/2002 via AWB# 9296532291.

 If you wish to track this(these) shipment(s) please contact your local > DHL customer service office or visit the DHL Web Site at >

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 AIS Ling Art
 Pat McKenna
 Co Kerry
 Ireland, Republic Of

 Evans Group of Galleries
 Evan Carter
 926 Michigan Avenue
 Suite 11
 Second Floor
 Miami Beach
 United States Of America
 Framed Oil Paintings


 Please advise when shipment is received


 AWB: 9296532291
 WEIGHT: 240.0
 CONTENTS: Framed Oil Paintings

 Thank you for requesting DHL Worldwide Express > for your delivery needs


In regards to item # 4 I will consider the matter. 
As for Pat Mckenna's work well that remains to be seen . Once he has the paintings or once the tracking is showing that the paintings are really on there way then and only then will I be satisfied. As we both know tracking bills mean nothing they can be cancelled at any time so please forgive me if I am not too thrilled about this unexpected delay.
One other thing Mr Carter, Mr Mckenna sent you his paintings in good faith and did not outsource the packing of them so why would you outsource the packing of the paintings when you are returning them to him and charge him because you are unable to pack up the paintings. I have a couple of friends in the gallery business and I know from past experiences they would never trust anyone to package any works of art that they are responsible for.. I also do not understand why you are paying all the bill  except 299.84. 

Re: Ms. Tracy Gardner... We wanted to show people that had read this article that her work has been returned. Mr. Sal Contreras and Ms. Sharon Sheley... these people want to know who was the first place winner of your art expo and where can they see the winning image.

You did not answer me regarding the question do you or do you not Mr Carter have Martines paintings.
You did not answer me regarding the proof that you sent the photos back to Nick. Regardless of where they are now I ask you for the name of the company you claim that you used to return these photos. You have asked me to remove some things from my site Mr Carter and I ask you to supply us with the answers to the above questions.

We also Mr. Carter are busy and would like to bring this to an end but that can only be done when all paintings and photos are returned.

I will send you the information on the bank shortly.
I ask you again to please supply us with the information regarding  Martine and Nick Oh yes one more thing you did not tell me if I had the correct email for Dr Parra.

My daughters are going to New York in July or Early August... Yonkers to be exact for 10 days and I am thinking of flying down for a quick visit as I also have things to do there, so I would like to clear this all up before this happens.