Some things really do work!!

by Dianna Ponting

Over two years ago I was approached by yet another of those art sites wanting you to enlist their help 
in getting you coverage on the internet... for a fee of course!  I checked this one out and found it to be
quite a classy site with some very good artists. Your spot consisted of one of your pieces of artwork 
and a write-up of your choosing with a link to your own web site(s). It turned out that you had to be juried 
before they would  accept you but this was good as it suggested a certain standard of quality. I especially 
liked their black backgrounds (impact and short pages  (no endless scrolling), easy, clean set-up and of 
course the flags!. The fee of $50.00 US seemed a bit steep but I was new at this and willing to give  it a go
so when I read the Canadian mailing address (Yeah Canada!!!) that clinched it. So what happened? Well 
nothing for two years and just about  a month ago it was time to renew again and I was having second thoughts
as I have been on the web for some time now nd one can find me quite  easily (if you know what your are looking 
for and you remember how to spell my name :-)). Still...more is better and when I read their email informing me 
that my rate would now go down yearly for the next 3 years and after that I would become a Gold Signature member 
(sounds impressive to me) and thus my link would then be free, I reconsidered and bit the bullet once more.

Now it gets exciting!! 5:15 am lying in bed on a Friday morning one week later and the phone rings. Its a customer
(yeah), obviously from a different  time  zone (or possibly planet) than I am as she is fresh as a daisy while I still
have only one eye open and have not yet figured out who I am let alone  what zone I am in. "Hullo?

She simply stated with no preliminaries that she wanted to purchase two of my paintings and proceeded to list 
them off. This got my attention rather  quickly and I graciously asked her to hold while I groped for my other pair
 of eyes while slipping in my teeth. Things got immediately down to  business and I was instantly disappointed to
 learn that one of the paintings she wanted was "The Omelet" which sold at our Kariton show  (always keep your
 web site updated). This did not discourage her greatly though, as she and her husband had alternates in mind 
and still ended up  ordering two with a firm promise on my behalf to send them immediate notice of any future similar
works. Well what the heck, I had one sitting on my easel and the next day I thought I might as well post it to the net 
and let her know....its worth a try right? I will now be shipping off all three paintings once I have this new one framed!!
This couple spent over $2,400.00 Can without ever seeing the original work....not something that I would do  but never
look a gift horse......etc!!

The ensuing phone calls and emails established that these people in White Plains, New York had discovered me on
this Artspace 2000 web site  and one  does not have to do the math to figure out that one call made it a very 
worthwhile investment. They felt that the high quality of the work as a whole led  them to really take a good look
at the artists featured within it. So... if you are interested, the web address is There are
many  other sites that one can list with that are free such as a wonderful space put out there by Merike Lugas
 and Rod Anderson. A huge  undertaking done purely  out the goodness of their hearts. It is called  and well worth listing on or checking out.  I thought I would jot this down and
 pass it along just to let others out there know that some things really do work albeit they take time, the web
 being one of them. 

Ciao......Dianna Ponting
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