4 The Artist                       

                                         Lisitng Agreement (1 Year)

Please print this form and remit to
mail 4 The Artist   p.o box 682 Stony Mountain M.B R0C 3A0 Canada 
email:  or fax to: 1 204 344 5070  Phone 1 204 344-5070

 Art Space 2000 administration use  only  

artspace2000 file manager ________________ PH # ________________ Date of agreement ______
Date Published _______ expiry date _________     amount _________
 file manager signature ___________________________ 

Annual Contract Rates

Basic Package:
$ 800.00  ** Prices subject to change without notice (except where agreement has been made 
statement,  Address, phone number, fax #, hours,11 images,  inventory and price list,  link to your site,  list of artists represented, free email SAMPLE

Premium package

  ( includes basic package with )

Specification Information

For further information call/fax 1 (204) 344-5070  and ask for Pat Zubriski ( Director client services and agreements )

Type of package chosen ( your can choose A the standard package or  B which includes your index page and images of your inventory)


 BasicPackage                                                                                 =    Total   $_______
basic  : # of Images18___  36____ 54___                                                  $_________  
Additional # of  images (over 54)   ________________                                                 =      $_________                                                                                 Total                  =     $_________

Type of Payment
 ( All funds are to be made in US currency )
check ____   Bank transfer____  money order____   credit card ____    other ____

Credit card payment ** this form is for mail or fax only. if emailing agreement please pay by secured server at (secure server payments)

one time ____   renew automatically annually ____ 

Name of company ________________________________________

Address               _________________________________________

city/state or prov/country/ zip or postal code/ _______________________________________________________________

Name of card holder ___________________________   Name of Bank _____________________

Authorized signature ________________________________     Date ______________________

Type of credit card  Visa ____   Master card ____         American express ____

Credit card # ____________________________________

expiry date   ___________

I hereby authorize artspace2000/ 4 The Artist to debit my credit card $__________ US dollars

Signed __________________________________________ Date __________________

I ___________________ of the city of _______________ dated this day ___________ agree  to the terms and conditions of this contract and that this is a one year contract and is not cancelable nor is it  transferable

Artspace 4 The Artist hereby agrees to publish information and images  provided by the member (client )
on the web site for  the time specified in this contract. The client agrees to the charges as described above and acknowledges that the terms of this contract are non cancelable or transferable at any time. A 50 % deposit is required at time of signing and will invoice you the client for the balance once all material is received and posted. All invoices are due and payable 30 days upon receiving of invoice.  Artspace provides a service with costs  up to and including the posting of the client site.  Because of this deposits are not  refundable. This contract is fully earned and is due upon posting of the clients pages. reserves the right to deny or refuse any client. also reserves the right to charge additional fees for changes and or deletions that are over and above what is mentioned in the contract. No charges will be incurred by the client  for extensions or renewal of the term without the clients prior written authorization. We reserve the right to change images and or text to fit our format. Pornography will not be accepted under any circumstances. reserves the right to deny or refuse any client. Client  represents and  warrants  that it has the right to publish the images, and  information supplied to /4 The Artist  and that the images and information supplied by the client does not infringe on any 3rd party's rights and are not unlawful. You the client  shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless / 4 The Artist  its officers directors and owners from  and against any and all loses , damages, liabilities and or claims and fees, cost and expenses of any kind related to and including, without limitation ,reasonable attorney fees  arising out of  based upon or resulting from any claim from  of any third party  alleging infringement of any copyright, trademark, patent ,trade secret, right of privacy, right of publicity, unfair competition, false advertising, libel, or any other statutory or common law  proprietary or civil right.

Special arrangements ( all special arrangement must be recorded and signed by both parties )



Member signature ____________________                         Artspace2000 Signature _____________________

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