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There are over 40 million web sites on the internet and the number becomes higher each and every day

Some people are still under the belief that all they have to do is enter their url with search engines and people will flock to their site. This is a common misconception

You have to work at promoting your site and keeping on top of what spiders, robots, and web crawlers are looking for. The search engines are constantly changing how and what they look for. This means not only must you stay on top of what they are looking for but you must also be submitting on a regular basis. Search engines are now starting to charge people for listing with them and they do not always accept sites. Be sure to read before you list, If you do get listed this could take weeks and or months. To be listed with Art Space 2000 it is  usually within 24 - 48 hours and you have instant access to over 2  million visits a month that we receive.

Banner ads are good but do you have time to be searching and finding locations to submit your banners to sites that do not hide the banner at the bottom of the page? 

Free for all sites are also okay but again more time is taken away from your painting.

Branding your name and work is as important as actually selling a painting. However as you can see it takes a lot of time and expense

We at artspace2000 understand that you do not have time for this as it can turn into an 8 hour full time job.

Your time as an artist is too valuable to waste trying to keep your site in the spotlight.  

***Artists have traditionally marketed their work by sending samples to art directors or placing ads in talent directories, The rapid growth of the internet is changing all that, Many art directors are turning to online directories to quickly locate, view and purchase the art they need.

 When art buyers from all over the globe enter Artspace 2000 ( they can locate artist's samples in several different manners. 

1. Search by name in alphabetical order
2. Search engine 
3. Our Quick find 

By each artists name they will see the flag of the country that you reside in to quickly show where you are located. Artspace 2000 is as user friendly as it can get. Art directors and designers can quickly locate an artist, see a sample of their work and even go to the artists web site or portfolio. From there they can contact the artist to negotiate an assignment.

No one can guarantee you will sell more paintings by listing with them but by having your name out there as often as possible you are branding your name and work.

Think of it this way.
If you were to take out an ad in the newspaper or an art magazine for example you would  pay more than $199.00usd for an ad that would last a month. Now ask yourself how many of the readers would write down your URL and then go to their computer and go to your web site. It is more likely they would finish reading the magazine and then forget they saw your work. With artspace2000 you get 12 months of advertising and people who come to our site come prepared to look at art and are therefor more likely to go to your site with a click of the mouse.

Artspace2000 can promise you more hits to your site.

People such as Art Directors, Gallery owners, Art Buyers etc. all have 1 thing in common, they are extremely busy and it is rare you will find one with an empty desk and time on their hands. 

That is where Art Space2000 comes in. One site where the buyer can come to and feel confident that they will find some of the best and reputable artists from around the globe and not have to waste time surfing the web for that right picture.

They may not need your image at this time but they want to keep your portfolio on file for future reference and they book mark your site. The minute they bookmark your site you have your portfolio on file in their office 

Questions and Answers

Q....I already have a web site of my own why do I need you ?
A... We do not sell art, we help promote your site and get you more hits. You can  always use 
       more hits and you will benefit from more than 2 million hits Artspace2000 receives monthly.

Can you guarantee me more sales?
A... No.. no one can guarantee you more sales. All we can do is help bring you more  hits and the 
       more hits you get the more opportunity you have for sales.

Do you have any hidden charges ?
A... No you deal direct with buyers, we take no fees or commissions.

But you charge a set-up fee, don't you?
A: Yes, but you get a year's worth of branding and promoting of your art work and web site  for    
     substantially less than it would  cost you to build and maintain a comparable site yourself    

You mean it's harder to get visitors with my own Web site?
A: If you mount your own site, you're pretty much reliant on the search engines for placement, 
     which is getting more and more difficult. In point of fact, placement on Goggle/Yahoo is 
     extremely difficult.

A: For one thing, there are increasing numbers of sites competing for placements. For another, 
     ranking in Goggle/Yahoo is based on "referrals." In other words, your ranking depends on 
     how  many  other sites link to your site.  Most search engines are now starting to charge  The more 
     links you have on higher ranked sites such as a 3 or higher  then the more value they see in your site.
     A site with no ranking is of no value as far as the search engine ranking goes.

So which sites do well in Goggle/Yahoo?
A: Institutional sites do best... museums, foundations,  virtual galleries. etc. [ larger sites ]

But I would hasten to add that even good placement in the search engines does not ensure 
you a qualified audience. plus the cost is starting to get high

I would say that the best reason not to post your  work on Art Space2000 is that you don't want 
to sell it.

Q... What else do you offer ?
A... As a member you will receive :
b....Emails on competitions,
c... FREE Art Impact online magazine 
d...20% Off Novelist Dorothy Gauvin books
e...15 % off services provided by A2 Designs
f....The opportunity to be  listed with some of the best artists on the web. Part of a community with a page rank of " 5 ",
     where buyers come and know that they can usually find just what they are looking for without having to spend
     hours looking on the web.
Promotions and benefits that go along with being a member of 
     (Artspace2000 will be adding to this list as time goes by ) 
h...notifications of job requests we receive
How do you help promote my site?
A..We do this by using our database of galleries and buyers and attracting them to 
     Artspace2000. Here they see your image and work and they can click on  the image and go direct to your site and
     find out all they need to know. We also send out promotional material on a daily bases. We are always  searching 
     for outlets for artists to sell their work. We hand out promotional material at  Art Shows we attend, along with 
     various other methods  of helping to attract  members to your site including media advertising. 

Who are the jurors?
A...Our jurors are 3 individual people with nothing to gain or lose by accepting or  rejecting an applicant. They are 
      independent of Artspace2000.

If I am rejected may I apply again?
A...Yes you may apply again in a couple of months.

What is a signature member?
A.. A Signature Member is a person who has been invited back for a second year.
      Bronze - Signature Member is a third year member
      Silver  -  Signature Member is a 4th year member
      Gold  -    Signature Member is a 5th year member
      Lifetime - Signature Member is a 6th year member and there is no  renewal charge ever again after this  

Can I pay by credit card ?
A...We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express on our secure server

Do you accept checks or money orders?
A...To pay by check or money order or bank draft please go to contact information  for details

O... Do you accept pay Pay
A... To pay by pay Pal click here

Promoting yourself on Artspace2000 will put you in the same league as some of the biggest names in the industry.

**Art directors would rather go to 1 site with several hundred artists than 100 sites with 1 artist.

The more artists on a web site the more art directors come to that web site. You can have the most beautiful site on earth... but if nobody knows it's there it won't work for you.
 Let Artspace2000 help you.

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