Emmanuel Renoir and Louise Hernandez-Renoir  Respinse

Subject: Response by Louise Renoir And Emmanuel Renoir
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 11:42:14 -0700
From: "Emmanuel Renoir" <emmanuel@renoirinc.com>
Organization: Renoir Fine Art Inc.
To: <info@artspace2000.com>

Emmanuel Renoir
Renoir Fine Art Inc.
7946 Ivanhoe Ave
Suite 202
La Jolla, CA 92037

Phone: (858) 459 2607
Fax: (858) 459 2735

Email: emmanuel@renoirinc.com
Website: www.renoirinc.com

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Here is the document that was enclosed with the above email

Emmanuel Renoir
Louise Hernandez-Renoir
Suite 202, 7946 Ivanhoe Avenue
La Jolla, California
92037 USA

June 23, 2003


4 The Artist
P.O. Box 682
Stony Mountain
Manitoba Canada
R0C 3A0 

Notice: Emmanuel Renoir and Louise Hernandez-Renoir comment as follows regarding content posted at artspace2000.com;

We recently had the unfortunate experience of visiting a web page promoted by Victor Ostrovski on his Phoenix radio program, to discover a link to artspace2000.com wherein we are supposedly named by Mr. Michel Guino and Mr. Alain Renoir as the alleged perpetrators of a fraud.

The inaccurate and defamatory references to us, as promulgated by, through and throughout your site are unlikely to be supported by Messrs Guino and Renoir. We request that you provide us with the source of your thoroughly misleading information. We further request that you remove all reference to us from your site.

We do not hold any interest in Rima Fine Art, House of Renoir and the original Pierre-Auguste Renoir plaster collection as implied on your site. A site, artfraudreport.com, claiming to be owned and maintained by artspace2000.com and or its owners or operators, displays the same or similar content. We again request that you remove all references to us from these sites.

We reserve the right to assess the amount of the prejudice inflicted upon us through your actions and to seek damages as warranted and to the full extent of prevailing and governing law.

Formal correspondence in support of the statements contained herein may follow. Please govern yourself accordingly and responsibly.


Emmanuel Renoir and Louise Hernandez-Renoir

cc: Rima Fine Art Michel Guino Alain Renoir Victor Ostrovski