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Looking for a certain painting and can't find it???????
Email us what you are looking for and we will post it .  Its nice to have an extra eye out there to help you look. Email us your request.  


I am selling my collections of P. Buckley Moss prints. All custom framed
and in excellent condition. I can email photos. Summary:
Town Hall Trott   87/1000 23x23 14.5x14.5 $299
Valley Homestead 151/1000 23.5x29.5 16x22 $299
Man & woman       900/1000 32.5x30 26x24 $379
Unity          212/1000 37x32 27x22.5 $399
Flowers of Love      493/1000 32x39 20.5x29 $379
Rachel & Jacob    810/1000 38x42 29x38 $799 (hand autographed)
Two Geese     887/1000 25.75x25.75 17.75x17.75 $299
Carriage Ride   778/1000 22.5x19.5 14.75x12 $379 (hand signed)
Wedding     399/1000 22.5x19 1/2 23.75x24 $299

I am interested in purchasing any of the nurse-themed prints by P Buckley Moss. Contact me if anyone has any for sale!

I have a P Buckley Moss poster of the London Bridge
for sale. It is titled Arizona/Lake Havasu City
I can be contacted at 

I have the following P Buckley Moss prints for sale, they are all framed and matted and can be purchased with or without frames and mattes. They come from a smoke free home and have been framed since they were purchased. I inherited these prints from my mother. I am not a Dealer/Collector and will be sold well below estimated current value. I can be contacted at; Please mention that you saw them on artspace2000.

Daniel Harrison House, Issued in 1985, # 584, Size is 12 3/8" x 14 1/2"
Elizabeth's Flowers, Issued in 1986, # 414, Size is 12" x 7 1/2"
Early Light, Issued in 1982, # 78, Size is 11 3/4" x 16"
Valley Farm, Issued in 1979, # 447, Size is 14 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Kyle, Issued in 1989, # 596, Size is 7" x 4 1/2"
Waiting for Tom, Issued in 1981, # 640, Size is 7 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Capitol Skaters, Issued in 1980, # 393, Size is 19 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Baby Parade, Issued in 1986, # 465, Size is 10 1/4" x 29"
The Blessing, Issued in 1984, # 6084, Size is 8 1/4" x 8 1/2"
Kaleidoscope, Issued in 1984, # 289, Size is 15" x 15"
Little Lamb, Issued in 1990, # 231, Size is 11" x 15 1/4"
Ohio Star, Issued in 1984, # 229, Size is 13 1/2" x 8 15/16"
Wedding Day, Issued in 1982, # 223, Size is 17" x 25 7/8"
Hayride, Issued in 1982, # 190, Size is 9 1/4" x 16 1/2"
Lancaster Morn, Issued in 1985, # 212, Size is 21" x 28 3/4"
A Mother's Love, Issued in 1989, # 313, Size is 8 1/2" x 5 1/4"
Winter at Yates Cider Mill, Issued in 1992, # 838, Size is 9 13/16" x 107/8"
The Pie Makers, Issued in 1985, # 239, Size is 10 5/8" x 10"
Winter's Mates, Issued in 1986, # 356, Size is 6 1/4" x 7 3/4"


I have "Skating in the Park"  #958/1000  it was purchased in 1994 ..I have the original invoice...I am a member of the Moss Society...

I am looking for “Woodland Spirit” by P. Buckley Moss. I need 2 of the prints --- will obviously start with one if anybody has it for sale.Thanks
Linda Hyre
I am looking for the P. Buckley Moss print "Iowa State University" from 1995.
I have a large framed numbered "Rachel and Jacob" by P.Buckley Moss that I need to sell.
Selling Large Collection Of "P Buckley Moss" Prints, Plates , Ornaments And Lots of other Moss Items. Framed And Unframed..  for List and more info 

I have Charles Frace "Cavalier King Charles spaniels" and "Maisi Giraffes at Ambeseli" Also Guy Coheleach HELEACH "SPOTTED OWL", "BACHELOR PAIR", "BEGAL BRACE", AND "MALLARDS"


I am looking for the P.Buckley Moss print from 1990 entitled "Baby Boy." Would prefer it unframed or reasonably priced framed as I will be reframing it to match a certain color scheme. Thank you. Donna Hall

I have several P. Buckley Moss prints that I need to sell.
1. Winter's Fellowship(971/1000) featured on the cover of (P. Buckley Moss, the People's Artist, an Autobiography), framed to size 56-/34 x 39-3/4.
2. Geese Sunrise (122/500), framed, 41-1/2 x 22-1/4.
3. I also have several smaller prints, framed.
I'm especially anxious to sell No. 1 and No. 2 above. 

I have a P. Buckley Moss print for sale. It is entitled, "Moonlight Ride." It is 812/1000. I can be reached at


Hi, I am looking for Charlotte Sternberg's "Porches".


I am selling Charles Frace' prints from my personal collection. All are unframed, in mint condition. Buyer to pay shipping/ins.

A TOUCH OF RED S/N $ 45.00
BARN OWL S/N $ 50.00
GRAY GHOST S/N $ 65.00
KINSHIP S/N $ 60.00
WATCHFUL S/N $ 60.00

Contact me at


I'm looking for these Buckley Moss Prints; Humpback Bridge, Hotel Roanoke
and Barter Theater. Please email me if you know of any for sale.

The print (1985) use to be available through Applejack Limited Editions in Manchester Center, Vermont. This particular print was made into a greeting card by Leanin' Tree last year. The picture entails a large red barn with the front doors open. There are people, mainly couples dressed in western wear dancing about in and outside of the barn. There are horses and carriages parked about. It is a lovely scene.The back of the card says for the love of art - "Barn Dance by Charlotte Sternberg - Egg Tempera, 18X24. Thank you for your help. Lynette

I am looking for Warner Sallman's The Lord is My Shepherd, preferrably the larger print that was published by Kriebel & Bates, 30"x40".

Hello -- I am looking for the print "For the Children" by P. Buckley Moss. Thank you.

I am looking for a Lithograph of "Apparition", 1990, painted by Beatrice Bulteau. Edition size was 500. Thanks!

I am looking for the Campus Memories print to purchase. Thank you,

For Sale
I have a p. buckley moss print "white christmas" triple matted (cut in a shape around the print) and framed (either cherry or
mahogany ) interested in selling - thanks


Looking for "Northern Iowa University"; will pay good $$$$. Thanks


I am looking for a P Buckley Moss Iowa poster with the picture of the General Store on it. I think it has been out for quite a while and wondering if it can be purchased anywhere. Thanks for your help.

I am looking for P Buckley Moss print Valley Wedding from 1985. Thanks!

I am looking for a P. Buckley Moss Minnesota poster. Also looking for 
a P. Buckley Moss Mississippi poster, if there is one. Thanks!

I am looking for the P. Buckley moss print Workday's O'er (1974-1978). If you could help it would be appreciated.
I am looking for a tacky piece of art that my step dad gave to me when I was about 12, but I misplaced and have never seen anything like since. It was a painting of a chic looking girl dressed in a mini skirt, smoking a long cigarette & walking a poodle. It was probably oil, but very textured, like raised off of the canvas. I don't know what ever happened to it & would love to find one like it! 

Sir, I am searching for a painting of a snow leopard that I saw several years ago. He is on the left of a snow covered
mountainside with a small temple/shrine on the right side. I do not know the artist.
I have been looking for a print/painting for my dad for a long time of an older sailor and Jesus standing behind him pointing the way. I bought my dad  "Christ our Pilot" a while back, but that was not what he was looking for. Christ 
our Pilot is of a younger sailor. The painting he has been looking for was of an older sailor and Jesus. If anyone has any information on this painting/print I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Looking for Moss print "Andrew's Flowers" Thanks

WANTED: P Buckley Moss print "Anna". Thanks

I am looking for a P Buckley Moss Tyler Print from 1991-1993, if anyone has and interested in selling PLEASE contact Thanks. 

I am looking for two paintings from P. Buckley Moss, "Love You" and "Love You More" Please E-mail me with any information that would help me find these paintings. Thanks so much.

I have (3) Annie Lee paintings for sale titled, "Jazz Alley", "Teddy Tea" 
and "Nappy Head Blues". Email for additional 


I am looking for "King Charles Spaniel Resting" by F. Hall. 
Thanks! Darla

I am looking for the P Buckley Moss print titled "Annie and Teddy" issued in 1986...if anyone has it please email me at

I am looking for a print by Terry Southwind called Vision Quest. Would you know where I could find one?
Holly Asham

Looking for a print/painting of 2nd SS division DAS REICH by James Dietz. Same as one on noval by Max Hastings about the same infamous divisions march to Normandy.
Avello, Hercules T.

Looking for "Porches" print by Charlotte Sternberg (C.J. Sternberg). If you have one, email me at

 I have an unframed "Cougar " print in orginial cover w/ 8 x 10 schetching of cougar head included in package. I bought new in mid 70's, will sell very rare. Located Hampton , Ga

Dear Sirs, I am looking for a larger print (24" x 32" range) of Barrie A.F. Clarks "Bishopsbourne Station" which is a Train scene. If you can help please contact me. Thank you, Dan Higham
I am looking for a P. Buckley Moss Print called "Jack" Please e-mail me if you know if anyone who would be interested in selling it, framed or unframed.
I am looking for a painting that is titled ("Unhappy boy" "Happy Mask") It  is a painting of a little boy with tears on his face and he is holding a  mask in his hand. The mask has a smile on it and I think he is in a little clown outfit....I have been looking for this forever and if anyone can find  it, I will be so appreciative. I think it is by an artist with the first name Henry and last name K something but I am not positive on that...Kellie S

I am looking for any of the following Glen Barnes prints: Close call; High Mountain Hunter; and Shawnee Hunter.
Please email me at 

I'm searching for picture: businessman sitting behind his desk talking to Jesus who is sitting across the desk from him. Thanks.

I have an extensive collection of P. Buckley Moss professionally framed prints from their St. Petersburg gallery from 1995 and also an extensive collection of retired Lladros in mint condition with original boxes ..

I am looking for a poster of Maryland or dealing with Maryland -- perhaps Annapolis

Back approximately 9 or 10 years ago, I bought a poster titled 'Memories.....". It had a female's
face, her black hair tied up w/ a black shawl around her shoulders. She had a tear drop
streaming down her face. I've lost the poster since, and have been searching - but to no
success. ......Thanks, in advance! :)

I'm interested in buying paintings by the artist Eliza Pratt Greatorex (1820 - 1897) and also
any paintings done by her two artist daughters, Eleanor Elizabeth Greatorex and Kathleen Honora

I'm looking for p. buckley moss print-smith mountain lake

I am looking for a painting I believe to be of the 2nd World War era. It portrays a sailor, at a ship's wheel with Jesus over the sailor's left shoulder. Jesus has his hand on the sailor's shoulder as if guiding him through the storm. I saw the painting many years ago and have no idea of the name or the artist.
***  Your email does not work but here is is the information a viewer sent in

In response to your request, ironically my son had been looking at  the picture you describe and admiring it in his former bedroom. The  next day he went to the site where your inquiry was posted looking  for another artist. He informed me of your request. God works in  mysterious ways. The name of the painting is Christ Our Pilot  painted by Warner Sallman in 1950. You can see and order this  painting and other paintings by Warner Sallman at the following web 

I am looking for a specific painting. I think it was an oil painting, but I'm not sure. Please see attachment. It's a couple walking by the sea, the shapes to the left are buildings. thanks. Caitlin.

I am looking for 2 Moss prints. One is "Gentle Touch" and the other is "Child of Love". Please contact me with any info. Thanks.

Looking for P. Buckley Moss print "Guardian Angels" Thanks!

I am a dealer in Hiro Yamagata's limited edition serigraphs. I am looking for a Rainy day, a concert in the park and a skycycles. Please call toll free at (800) 422-7188 or reply by email if you have any of his works.
Best Regards Elaine

I have a P Buckley Moss print entitled "Hallowed Land" that I am wishing to me for more information....This is a print of the naval academy in NY.....

looking for any quality harp seal prints--thanks a bunch
marilyn belthuis

I am looking for a painting that my mother saw a few years ago. I am trying to find out where i can find it, or who the artist is. It is a picture of a man sitting at his desk working and behind him is his father with his hand on his shoulder. The father is a ghost and you can only see him at certain angles. I don't even know who the artist is but anything you can do to help me would be appreciated. If you know of anyone i can talk to that would be great. 
Thanks for your time,
Andrea Jones  604-275-3613

I am looking for a print of Sacre-Couer de Montmartre et passage Cottin by Maurice, Utrillo 1934. Thanks

Hi; I would like to buy Alfred Hutty Etchings.

 Otherwise known as the old roman bridge of mostar, bosnia. It was destroyed in the recent fighting & is being rebuilt. looking for a painting of the old bridge. thanks

I am looking for a Christmas theme picture……"Home for the holidays". It is a picture of some people pulling a Christmas tree behind them and heading towards their home. If anyone has info. on this picture or the artist I'd really appreciate it.

I am looking for a painting of Jimmi Hendricks. I had seen a show where a man did a painting of Jimmi Hendricks where he basically was splattering paint onto a canvas as he was listening to music by Jimmi. The finished picture of Jimmi was unbelievable. If anyone can help with either the artist or anything I'd appreciate it.

 I am looking for a sketch done by P. Buckley Moss in 1998 called "My Favorite Story." It  is a picture of a little boy leafing through the pages of a picture book. I believe it was a  promotional print at one of her art shows, so dealers don't sell this one. If anyone knows  where I might find one, or has one they would like to sell, I would certainly be interested!!
I am looking for the self portrait by Chaim Potok. Especially, a postcard with the self-portrait on it.
Thank you
-Howard Schultz

I'm looking from prints by Dan Goad, but haven't had any luck.
I am looking for two prints by P. Buckley Moss. The Colorado print is the 
one that I am interested in! If anyone could help, I would appreciate it!

I am looking for P. Buckley Moss's Minnesota poster. Thanks.

I have the following Frace prints for sale
1. (2) Morris The Cat, one framed one never been framed
2. Gyrfalcon, never been framed
3. Northern Goshawk, Framed since purchased 1970's
4. Snow Leopard, original limited edition, original frame since purchased, 
frame old.
5. (2) Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, one framed one not framed.
I'm the only owner since prints were purchase in the 70's. 
 If anyone is interested please E-mail me at