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Art Space II  Basic Purpose 

Art Space II established Art Space II Express as part of a suite of services created to serve the needs or your business. The program ensures that your site will be reviewed and evaluated in a timely manner. Your payment and participation guarantees that within ten days a member of Art Space II editorial staff will look at your site and consider it for inclusion in the directory. 
** As with all site suggestions, final judgment remains solely with Art Space II editors.

Art Space II Basic Cost 

The current cost to use Art Space II Basic is a one time fee of  $10.00 usd for each web site
submitted. **There will be no  adult sites allowed.

Art Space II Basic

  Site and Contact Information 

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Enter information about your site below to help us describe and categorize it. Please be brief and do not use all capital letters. Art Space II reserves the right to edit all titles and descriptions. 

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  A brief phrase or sentence describing the contents of the site Maximum 25 words Please avoid repeating the site title or category name Please do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use HTML tags
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Method of $ 10.00 payment

Step 2 how to pay


Credit card go to https://www.sslx.com/artspace2000/visa.htm

check, bank draft or money order go to http://www.artspace2000.com/fine_art/contact.htm

Art Space II Basic

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