The Art of Bonsai







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Bonsai - offers the history, required maintenance, techniques, and features of the Bonsai. 
Bonsai Carl's Japanese Garden 
Bonsai Critique - discussion of featured trees. 
Bonsai in Asia Guide Book - clickable map of Asia with information about bonsai in each region. 
Bonsai Primer - by Allen Roffey, a guide for beginners
Bonsai Site, The - detailed introduction to the art, hobby and horticultural practice, including history, gallery, simple and advanced techniques, FAQs and more
Bonsai Styling & Advice Corner - several trees with typical problems offered for thoughts and advice. 
Bonsai Web - includes marketplace, virtual bonsai show, forum and more. 
Brian's Bonsai in the Netherlands - starting point for Bonsai enthusiasts in the Netherlands. Also includes photo gallery, links, and books. 
Colin Lewis Bonsai Art - pictures of bonsai works of art plus illustrated techniques, advice, recommended books and videos and more. 
Dean Bull's Bonsai Site - self-employed horologist; includes information and advice on caring for your clock. Also, extensive information on the art and joy of bonsai growing. 
Ernie Kuo's Bonsai Page - photos and stories of individual bonsai. 
House of Lowlander, The - features photographs and biographical material about Rinus Otten. 
Online Bonsai Icon Collection