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If you want a page to fully load before being viewed, here's a cool way to do it 
While a page is loading, a popup window can display a message such as "Page Loading - Please Wait ... " The window can be sized to whatever you want, but if it's configured to full size it will cover the screen, preventing any premature clicks on links while your page is still loading.
Place this code in the first few lines of the Head section so it will
execute first.

<script language="javaScript">
var processing ="preview.htm","processing","width=800,height=600")

In the body of the page that's loading place this code so the window
will close when the page is fully loaded.

<body onload="processing.close()">

Now create your preview.htm file with the message you want to display. This
page will show and then close when your page has fully loaded. This is a
handy script to use if you want a program to execute, or a graphics-heavy or
flash-enabled page to fully load prior to viewing.