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Have you ever followed a link, only to encounter an error message that
the file being requested cannot be found? Maybe you have a page or
section to  your site that is no longer active. If so, you too may be sending
 visitors an error message if your server cannot find the page being requested. 
To solve  this, when you take a page off your site, replace it with an automatic 
refresh page that will send your visitors in the right direction. A good way 
to do this automatically is to use the "Refresh" Meta Tag in the head
section  of the page. Hereís what the code looks like:


The number is the time in seconds for the Refresh to begin, while the
URL is the page you wish to Refresh to. Donít stop there, though. You should
also include a direct hyperlink to the page that visitors can click if they donít 
want to wait for the refresh action to take place.