Pop-up windows are a terrific way to present your visitors with
information in tidy boxes without making them go to a whole new page or
making them sift through other elements on a page. You can use pop-ups for many purposes; We can have the pop-up occur on page load or on a hyperlink click. Both methods can be used to bring up a small window that contains your
announcer code, instead of just having it display on a page of your site. It
looks great, and it will prompt the visitor to do something, in this case
either to use the announcer or to close the window. We use a simple
JavaScript to launch the window, and eventually to close it as well.

The script below causes the window to appear when the page is loaded:

<script language="JavaScript" for="window" event="onload()">"",
"myannouncer", "scrollbars=no,resizable=no,height=230,width=170")

Or you can use this script which makes a link open a pop-up window:

<A HREF="javascript:void(0)" ONCLICK="open('announcer.htm',
<B>Recommend This Site!</B></A>

 The script creates the window on page load -- notice how we have described the window dimensions and defaults. 

Our next step is to close the window after the announcement has been
processed. After a person submits their announcement, they'll be taken
to a thank-you page. This page will also load in the pop-up window as
that's the browser window it is being called to. To close this window after
the thank-you page appears, simply use a closing script, like this:

<B>Thanks for<BR>recommending<BR>my web site!</B>
<INPUT TYPE='button' VALUE='Close Window'

Finally, you don't have to just use this fancy pop-up window for just the
announcer. Why not pop open your guestbook, or your forum?