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For Windows OS users, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts that will save you a lot of mouse movement. Here are some of our favorites:

ALT + TAB If you have not used this one yet, get ready! If you have more than one application open at any given time, you can press the ALT key, and at the same time, the TAB key to move from one application to another quickly. This is very
useful, for example, for coding pages and then jumping to a browser to preview. This shortcut will jump through all your open applications, but defaults to a quick hop to the last used program. Play with ALT + TAB and you'll be flying through
Windows in no time.

WINDOW + M Have you ever wanted to get to your Desktop screen fast, but found yourself closing applications with your mouse? Try this shortcut, which instantly minimizes all open windows and returns you to the desktop in one quick jump. (The
WINDOW key is the one between CTRL and ALT.)

WINDOW + E This lauches an instance of Windows Explorer, a very handy program for file management. Use this shortcut intead of running through the Start > Programs > Accessories >
Windows Explorer route.

CTRL + C This command copies highlighted text.

CTRL + V This command pastes highlighted text.

SHIFT + CTRL + ARROWS This shortcut is very handy for selecting text in HTML or text editors. Rather than highlighting with a mouse, this will quickly grab text one word at a time from the cursor position.