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One of the most useful buttons on your keyboard may be one you have
never used before. Glance at your keyboard and notice next to the F12
function key a button called "Print Screen." What is this and why
should you know about it?

When you press this button, your computer will save the image that is
currently on your screen to memory. You can then open your image
editor and paste that information into a new image file.

This little trick has many valuable applications. You can use it to create
images of Web Pages exactly as they appear on your screen. This is
really helpful if there is an element on the screen you wish to use. For
example, let's say you have a background color and want to match
that color to another image. You can open your page, hit the screen
capture button to save the image of your screen, then paste that image
into your image editor. Now you have the color as an image to match
any graphic you wish. No need for hex codes or numeric valuations
of colors.

You can also use this technique to send images of full or partial screens
to others or for output to a printer. If you want to show your site, exactly
as it appears on a computer, now you can using the screen capture
method. It works with any screen, not just web images, so you can
capture software stills for tutorials, etc.

Finally, and this is a really handy trick. If a page is right-click
protected, you can still get images by using the screen capture method.
Simply paste the screen and crop to size in your image editor.
This method lets you quickly -- and without any loss of image quality --
save as much information to a file as exists on the screen.