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When creating a web site there is so much that we do not stop to think of. Did you know that different browsers view your page differently? It does not matter if you are using a wysiwyg program or not. That is why you will see" best viewed with " on a lot of sites. Also another thing you can not control is how a person views your site in regards to brightness , screen size, or the number of colors. All these come in to play for the person viewing your site. There are a lot of free stat counters out there that will give you a read out of what browsers people are using most to view your site and you can use that as a guide of which one you want to be more compatible with.

Computers have come a long way but there is  in this writers opinion  still a long way to go. If the larger companies would stop all their fighting and dedicate their time to making life a little easier for the web masters things would look a lot different to all of us.

When creating a web site you want to keep in mind that people will not sit there for a minute or so while your page is loading. They want to see what you have and they want to see it today. One thing that a lot of people out there forget is that a lot of mac users can  not see dynamic html and there for they can not access a lot of sites or click on buttons you may have used this effect with. Netscape is another browser that will not pick up a lot of effects used by people using internet explorer. Not all colors are web safe by that we mean that if you are using a color that is not web safe then you have no control of what that color will look like on someone else's screen.( see article on color and how it affects your load time.)

There are a lot of things we can not control but the ones that we can such as load time is very important. Sure we love the graphics and want to show off how much we can do with images and fancy stuff, but what good is all that if people will not wait while all this loads for them. I myself hate waiting and I would rather skip a site than wait. In today's world there is so much to see and so very little time. I expect miracles from my computer as do most people.

One of the problems for artists is that their sites are very graphic intense and they want to use high resolution so the people will like what they see and can see the detail and color used in their work. The way to do this is by using a thumb nail that when clicked on will take you to a higher resolution image. that way if people are interested and click on the image, they do so knowing that it will take a bit longer to load. Remember the less time loading your page the more the person is likely to click on an image or go to the next page. If your pages takes over 30 seconds to load it takes too long. 

An important factor to remember is to make your site as easy to navigate as possible. Make sure all links work . Remember to refresh your browser so that your site is not working off the memory cache. Your first page is so important because that is the page that will make people decide to look at more of your site or to go browsing some where else. In the up coming issues we will be showing you some codes that will help you to make an interesting site yet not effect your load time.

Promote.. promote.. promote.. and promote some more.
there are so many ways to promote your site and get traffic to your web. search engines, banner exchange, directory listings, other sites ( some cost some are free) but all mean more traffic to your site, and this is what ultimately we want.

When setting up your web site there are a lot of things to consider such as meta tags, key words, spiders, robots, crawlers, load time, optimizing, compressing, navigating and the list goes on and on. We will try to simplify these for you in this and up and coming issues. To see web help and tips

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