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Reflecting on Tweetsie


Stacy Bottoms

Web Site    United States


My art has been described as realistic interpretations of a contemporary society. I have shown my work at the Hickory Museum of Art group exhibition from April to September 2006.



At Peace

71 x 89 cm

Learning how to  balance all knowledge, applying it as wisdom and experiencing the calming  warmth of the Light

Grady Zeeman

Web Site        South Africa


I grew up in a small town, Swellendam in the Western Cape of South Africa.

During my primary school years, we were taught art and craft which I

absolutely loved, however when I reached high school no art classes were taught.

Still I was very fortunate, for my father inspired me to do technical drawings of vintage cars, which he did from the age of 12.

 These endless hours of drawing cars helped me tremendously to see perspective and motion.


After school I applied to study fashion design at the Cape Technicon. Art at school level was compulsory, however they gave me a chance.

The first six months were rather difficult as I had to learn everything my classmates learned in 5 years.

 Using different media was a challenge, however I fell in love with sketching.

 After working in Cape Town, I married a farmer from my hometown and continued my sketching, 

 my subjects changing from nudes to Swellendam’s old houses.

I also found myself drawn to oil painting.

I studied with the artist Wendy Martell and took part in an exhibition at the Hugo Naude Gallery in Worcester.

I stopped painting for a couple of years, because my two children needed their mother and my husband needed help on the farm.

This break was not in vain, for when I started painting again I was emotionally riper with more life-experience.

This could immediately be detected in my work.


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