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An Old Spruce 

Marek Swiatecki

Silver- Signature- Member

Web Site        Poland


Paintings in my most recent cycle Pastels from Green Valley, are really  a form of documentation of the place where I have resided since recently,  the beauty that I have pleasure to enjoy every day. Imbedded somehow  within my landscape I could not resist painting it and suddenly it  appeared that such painting represents expressing the simplest emotions  enchantment with observation of the nature, pure joy of creating. Why  paradoxically  we are looking for places  that have not been spoiled by human activities; why they have such an  intense and comforting influence on us? It is there where we can realize  the important truth: we are a minute particle of the nature and there we  can try to find our own place in line.



Once there were millions

Mary Roberson

Web Site    United States


Mary Roberson is an exciting newly acclaimed artist from the Idaho Rocky Mountains. A painter of wildlife who captures a special spirit of the West. Mary paints a variety of grand animals and scenic landscapes she finds in and around her Idaho home. My birth name is Mary White. I was born in Fort Smith, Ark. in 1948 and I moved with my family to Redondo Beach, CA in 1952. I began painting at age 10 and at age 16, I received a scholarship to study Life Drawing at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.
Although my formal education emphasized human anatomy, once leaving college, I traveled and painted throughout northern California, mostly doing watercolors of the land, the cattle and harbors. After I married in 1976, I quit painting and raised three children and then resumed my art career in 1991 and again began painting landscapes and cattle scenes, which, by 1995, led to my present passion for wildlife. Although Iím self-taught in painting wildlife and landscape, Iíve found that my extensive education in human anatomy and design has contributed a great deal to my ability to paint boldly and spontaneously.



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