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Alfredo Biason

Website     Canada


When I was a child I liked to colour and draw but never took it seriously until after I retired. The beauty of the scenery of Prince Edward Island and the other Maritime provinces, and the wealth of subject material peaked my interest and since I had ample leisure time there was no longer any excuse to procrastinate.

I answered a newspaper ad for an acrylic painting course and studied under Arno Freitag for two 10 week sessions in the spring and fall of 2002. In 2003 and 2004 I studied drawing and pastel as well as acrylic painting for three sessions with well known local artist Maurice Bernard. In 2005 I saw a painting by Anne Gallant and was struck by the beauty and realism of her clouds. Two 10 week sessions with her did not make me as good a cloud painter but I am still trying.


Jean Gauvreau

Web Site    Canada


By age thirty-two, Jean was showing in galleries throughout the region, and began receiving commissions for his work. A surrealistic edge to his paintings began to emerge, once again drawn from images in nature. The Nepean Visual Arts Centre hired him to teach oil painting and Jean again struggled with his desire to paint and the basic need to survive. A diploma course in Graphic Arts at Algonquin College gave him the security of a government position.

In 1986 Jean moved into the Gatineau region, settled amongst the early morning mists, and lakes that had always figured so prominately in his work. His paintings now reflect this truce with himself and the world he so imaginatively portrays.
Works by Jean Gauvreau are in the collection of Lt. Govenor General of Nova Scotia, "The Honorable Alan R. Abraham, Rothwell Gallery, Goldberg Shinder & Assoc. and numerous private collections in Canada, U.S.A., China & Europe. 


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