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E.J Channer

Web Site     Jamaica   


There are times when ones artistic expression transcend space and moves into another realm much like a composer who writes his music. Creating moods and feelings of intimacy, anger or melancholy. Some facets of my art is an expression of thought that is given substance and becomes visual. Then others are invited to view and even collect the artists creation, his thoughts and ideas, here is one such image titled .... AN ODE TO THE WIND.... " You can reach me at Phone 1876-808-9507 / 1876-988-5229




Summer Evening

Scott Jeffs

Pencil Works 

Web Site    United States   


Scott strives for simplicity of composition in both his pencil drawings and his pastel landscapes. "Several years ago, I started including an 'in-progress' pencil drawing in my exhibits to show people what I was working on. There was more interest in it than my 'finished' work", he recalls. "I guess I've adopted a Zen-like philosophy when it comes to my work." Scott strives to carry that philosophy over into his landscapes by using a limited palette along with light and tonal value to draw the viewer in. He finds inspiration in the works of the Hudson River School of painters; masters of atmospheric light. "Whether I'm creating a landscape of Tuscany or the Willamette Valley, my goal is to create an image that will cause someone to stop and remember or reflect. It's usually a scene so simple and familiar that it could be almost anywhere."

In 1999, after two decades of working in pencil, Scott made the transition to pastel landscapes. Inspiration came when he took a trip to South Africa. "My original plan was to bring back photos of the African wildlife at Kruger National Park for a series of pencil drawings", he recalls, "but I was overwhelmed by the South African landscape and the atmospheric lighting. I immediately started working on pastel landscapes when I returned home. It was a career-changing experience". Scott has also traveled throughout Europe and recently traveled to Thailand.


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