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One-of-a-Kind Fantasy Sculpture

Emma Hill

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Lady Penelope Persnickety"

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Emma Hill: Fantasy Doll Art

My name is Emma and I am a self taught artist who enjoys the adventure of sculpting. I rarely know where a piece will lead me. These wee creations can be quite tricky sometimes. I may start off with a destination in mind but end up somewhere completely different and exciting.

I have always had a fascination with fairies and other realms so it is only natural that is where my creative passions lie. I was born in Shrpshire, England, but when I was a teenager my parents moved to the United States. I lived in New York for many years but now reside in Atlanta Georgia.


Fantasy Whispers
the art of Vania Cruz-Perez


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Vania Cruz-Perez: Fantasy Doll Art

I'm a self taught artist and even though I have always been involved in the artistic world since I was a small child, it's only been about four years that I have been working in sculpted form. My art tends to lean more towards the fantasy world (which I love).

I continually expand my imagination through reading and music. Some of my interests include Classical Music, European History, Monarchies, Greek Mythology and the Fantasy World. These vast interests channel my imagination with artistic visions which then I transforms into sculpted artworks. I also find a sense of freedom through my visions and the resulting creations. Using only the finest mediums in creating my sculpted art which have included Bisque, French Porcelain and Fine Clays.

My goal is to receive worldwide recognition for my artwork while leaving an impression of myself with each piece of art I create.

I currently live in Florida with my husband Renan and our son Angel.

Helga Pikal
Creative Hand Embroidery
Artist's Dolls

90cm tall (including hat!),

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Helga Pikal: Artist's Dolls

Helga has been making replicas of Native American Tribal craftwork for years, using beads, quills, ribbons and embroidery, both for collectors and doing restoration work for museums. She's produced her magical dolls for twenty years or so, and has exhibited them widely in Ireland.

For the last two years Helga has concentrated on her creative handembroidery, which is based on Mandalas and magic symbols, using layers of satin and chiffon, silk ribbons, beads, sequins, shells and other materials and all sorts of threads.

She recently had a succesfull exhibition in the Town Hall Theatre, Galway.

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