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Stone Serendipity
Artful Expressions for the Home
"Batik Place Setting with Natural Fiber Coaster"

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Stone Serendipity:
Handcrafts Batiks

Stone Serendipity handcrafts batik place mats, napkins, tablerunners and tablecloths, natural fiber paper and marble coasters, and other home accessories. Our batik fabric products come in a wide range of striking colors and patterns. Our marble coasters are available in gorgeous colors that are not readily available. Our natural fiber coasters and vase mats are not only functional but decorative and unusual. You can create original beautiful table settings by combining our fabric, paper and stone products. Our eclectic items are wonderful for hostess, wedding, housewarming and other types of gifts. We also do custom work within our product lines.


Tapestries by vida
Vilma Leano

size 30"x36", leather and silk tapestry

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Vilma Leano: Tapestries by vida

I remember myself, as a young girl, spending most of my free time drawing different fashion designs, accessories and even a hairstyle. During those years, that young girl dreamed about being a famous textile designer. After high school I dropped in the world of design. I studied at the Art School for three years, but the real move toward the design field started after I graduated. I started working to a well-known architectural group in Bogota and, after many years of experience, I had the opportunity of performing some design work. A few years ago, I felt some sense of emptiness for all this time working over the ideas of others. One day, the young girl’s fantasies revived and I decided to start working on my own muse. Now, working in textile art, I have the opportunity to make a tie with the past creating a bridge into the evolution of art using our ancestor’s weaving techniques with a unique contemporary design.

My work begins with inspiration and good manipulation of fibers and yarns that melt on my hands creating modern tapestries, pieces of fiber art that are now a key component of home décor.

Mitra McQuilton
Thread Painting Artist

"Arboretum Autumn"
60cm x 50cm Framed

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Mitra McQuilton: Thread Painting Artist

Mitra was born in Northern Iran near the Caspian Sea and moved to England in 1971, to study Textile Design.

She graduated from Trent University, Nottingham in 1974 after completing a Polytechnic Diploma. She went on to complete a postgraduate year specialising in Embroidery during which she developed an interest in Threadpainting.

After graduating Mitra worked as an embroidery designer in Nottingham before moving to the South Gloucester area.

Mitra has improved her art immensely, while expanding her links with galleries in the area. She is considered to be one of the finest Textile artists in Thread Painting and her ability is continually admired by everyone who sees her work.

The subject matter is driven by her love of nature and the countryside. Her thread paintings are beautiful landscapes of poppy fields, sunflower fields, cornfields, bluebell woods, country cottages, arboretums, meadows and other rural settings.

In recent years she has started to paint with oils.

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