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© 24" x 30"
Frank Diaz Escalet

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Frank Diaz Escalet: leather work

"For the serious collector only", I feel this to be the right time to release the series of Inlaid Leather Art Compositions that were created between July 1974 - Fall 1984. Few were sold, only to a limited number of close friends. The development alone took several years to iron out the problems and many non-stop long hours, 7 days a week, at a great sacrifice. They are unique & no one has them.

Clair's Saddle Shop
Quality Leathercraft
Western Artist 
Clair Mullin

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Clair Mullin: Quality Leathercraft

Clair Mullinís leather work possesses the elegance and finesse of a true master craftsperson. She began doing leather work while in high school and went on to study with some of the most famous saddle makers and leather artisans in the U.S.

Clair makes a variety of custom made leather goods including but not limited to: saddles, handbags, briefcases, chaps and chinks. Each item is completely designed and hand made by Clair and each is a one of a kind working piece of art.

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