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Totem Poles & other Large Art Creations
by Mike Olsen

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Totem Poles & other Large Art Creations
by Mike Olsen

Hand hammered steel fish sculpture-with salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon.

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Mike Olsen: Multi-Media

Mike Olsen was born in Everett, Washington in 1963. He lived in Fairbanks Alaska for eight years where he developed an interest in Northwest Indian art. As a child, he carved many small figurines and other items that he sold in his mother's gift shop.

After moving to Vancouver, Washington, Mike continued his interest in art at Columbia River High School, where he graduated in 1982. Two years later, he married Brenda Schurman of Ridgefield. They have one son, Steven. The Olsens live and work at their riverside studio near Sunset Falls in Yacolt, Washington. Mike's talent, and expertise are evident throughout the community and Pacific Northwest in several media, including landscape design, construction projects and sculptures of wood, metal, pottery, found objects and stone. He has performed his totem pole art in public at the Clark County Fair and carved ice sculptures for the Heathman Lodge, Columbia Edgewater Country Club, The SWIFT Foundation, Western Art Association and many private parties and weddings.

He has also donated his time and talent to several non-profit organizations including SWIFT, Outward Bound, Rocky Mountain Elk Federation, Tiger Warren Art Foundation and Columbia River Girl Scout Council.

Collage, Assemblage, & Foundry Art
Patti Harris

Totem 2 (18" x 18 x 12)

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Patti Harris: Mixed - Media Sculpture

My art career has developed from weaving to papermaking and, more recently, has evolved into mixed-media collage and assemblages. Endeavoring always to blend color, texture, dimension and fiber in my work, I add papers, beads, threads, hardware, wood and found objects to create a more unified work of art.

I am inspired by industrial design, natural materials and vintage objects. Putting a variety of materials together, in old boxes, in frames, in and on foundry patterns and old wood typifies much of my work. Whether creating a collage or assemblage, I generally use these old parts that have stood the test of time; as in metal vs. plastic, wood vs. veneer, stone vs. acrylic

I apply materials somewhat ambiguous in meaning, but arranged in a well-designed manner. For me, it is all about the visual impact. The objects I choose often don’t routinely ‘go together;’ the resulting work necessitates thought on the viewer’s part. Hidden meanings, humorous twists, irony and surreal elements embody many pieces.

My art clearly may mean one thing to one person and possibly something different to another. Each of us has a unique set of experiences that inhabit our perceptions and cause us to react one way or another to what we see. My goal is that my art will strike at that perception and create a new way of looking at the relationship between the parts and the new emerging dynamic, keeping in mind that others’ interpretations are often different than mine, as their reality is also different from mine.

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