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You Can Learn How To Sing

You Can Learn How To Sing

Q: Are singers born with the ability to sing, or can anyone be taught to sing? I am 22 years old, and have always been interested in learning how to sing, but everybody tells me that singers are born with the ability to sing, and that singing canít be taught is this true? I was also wondering if I am already to old to learn how to sing?

You would be surprised at how many times I am asked those very questions.

The problem is that the majority of people are under the mistaken idea that singers are somehow born with a special gift to sing, you either have it or you don't, wrong!!! Itís this kind of thinking that discourages many people from learning how to sing, and itís sad to think about how many people out there have the potential to become great singers, but because they have been told that singing is something that you canít learn they never try. With the proper vocal instructions you can learn how to sing.

Admittingly there are some great singers out there who have never taken a singing lesson in their life. My belief is that at a very early age they taught themselves how to sing by experimenting with their voice and happened to come upon the correct method of singing. These are the singers that are mistakenly thought of as being born with a great singing voice, or the gifted ones, but in actuality they learned how to sing using the exact same techniques that can be learned by anyone if they get the proper vocal training.

You can learn how to sing regardless of your age or gender. I know many people who have taken up singing that are well into there forties and fifties. With only a few lessons using the proper singing techniques they discovered that they can sing, and with a bit of time they developed a beautiful singing voice. You are never to young or to old to learn how to sing providing you get the right vocal instructions.

My advice is go for it. Find a good vocal coach, or singing course, and begin to learn how to sing. You will never know how good of a singer you can become if you donít try.

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