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Vocal Cord Therapy

Vocal Cord Therapy

Nodules in the vocal cords develop due to abuse and misuse of your vocal cords closing with too much force. The constant forceful banging together of your vocal cords can lead to the growth of nodules at the spot where they come together with maximum contact. When nodules start to form a tiny reddening can be seen on the edge of the vocal cord. With time a nodule or bump forms and becomes hard, in the same way that a callous forms on the palm of your hand if you work without gloves.

There is never any pain during the growth of nodules. The most common indicator that nodules exist is a hoarse and breathy sound of your voice. Visit your doctor immediately if you have any pain.

The remedy for vocal cord nodules typically includes voice therapy. Voice therapy should be performed for a minimum of six months twice a week in thirty-minute sessions.

Surgical removal alone is not recommended, because you must eliminate the causes of vocal cord nodules. Without an understanding of why you developed nodules they are likely to come back no matter how often you have nodules removed surgically.

If you are already a singer who has developed vocal cord nodules due to improper singing methods, then you should begin from the ground up in order to rediscover the right amount of compression to use. Proper singing lessons will give you a terrific head start towards fixing your voice. The aim of proper singing lessons and vocal exercises is to enable you to sing from the bottom of your range to the top of your range effortlessly.

If you are just beginning to sing then you should start out with the proper singing lessons and you will never have to worry about developing vocal cord nodules.


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