Michel Guino, managing director of the société civile succession Richard Guino and son of the sculptor Richard Guino, the co-author of the listed Renoir sculptures created with Richard Guino and possessor of the moral rights.


This is to inform the potential buyers of the bronze sculptures sold in Rima Fine Art gallery of a good faith abuse possibility, that the sculptures classified in annex 1 below (presented in the Rima Fine Art gallery) presented as Renoir are not by virtue of a 1998 final judgment of the Renoir-Guino case (Richard Guino having been declared co-author by the high court and accepted by all the heirs of Renoir). 


The bronze sculptures in annex 1 therefore, if sold are clearly illegal and are protected by copyright and will be prosecuted by the lawyers of the heirs of Guino as well as by Alain Renoir and by ADAGP (Société de surveillance des contrats d’art – the Corporation for the supervision of contracts of art). 


 In addition, these below mentioned sculptures are part of a signed contract dated February 10 1982 between the two families Renoir and Guino which is violated by virtue of their illegal diversion and will be the object of a law suit for breach of trust, breach of contract and forgery and will be subject to damages as well as and important interests. 


The original plaster casts were placed in the trust of Susse foundry to Paris in 1982


The Plaster casts presented by John Emmanuel Renoir as original are therefore copies.





List of the Renoir-Guino sculptures illegally presented at the Rima Fine Art gallery:


La Grande Vnus Victrix

Danseuse au voile

Buste de la Grande Vnus Victrix

Tte de danseuse au voile

Tte de la Grande Vnus Victrix

Buste de Madame Renoir

Petite Vnus  la pomme

Buste de Pars (avec barbe)

Tte de Vnus  la pomme

La Maternit

Petite Vnus  la pomme avec socle

Buste de la Maternit

La petite Laveuse

Grand mdaillon de Paul Czanne

La moyenne Laveuse

Mdaillon dAuguste Rodin

Le petit Forgeron

Tte de Vnus

Le moyen Forgeron





 List of the Renoir sculptures that are in the public domain:


Le joueur de fluteau

Mdaillon de Coco

La danseuse au tambourin I

Buste de Coco

La danseuse au tambourin II





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