*** A warning to collectors

           from the Guino estate and Allen Renoir


Regarding the "Renoir" sculptures at the "Rima Fine Art" gallery in Scottsdale Arizona.

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"Rima Fine Art" Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.


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Jean Emmanuel Renoir?

The man behind the collection at "Rima Fine Art" and "House of Renoir"


“The Court States that Mr. Jean-Emmanuel RENOIR and

Mrs. HERNANDEZ, by promoting forged castings and issuing

certificates of authenticity have also become jointly responsible,”


(Dominique Saint-Schroeder, Premier Judge

Paris District Court,   April 8 1998)





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Dror Darel

The man behind "Rima Fine Art" and "House of Renoir"

Officially he's only the director, Tracy Penwell, his current wife is the "Owner".

Mr. Dror Darel 2002

Mrs. Tracy Penwell 2002

Mr. Darel had galleries in Edmonton Alberta Canada,

Mall of America Minnesota and  New York.

He currently resides in Phoenix AZ .

Mr. Darel has Israeli and Canadian citizenships.

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