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Hey, we just Googled Dennis Kirk Publishing and saw your web page. We wanted to let the world know that he is out and about again "publishing" coffee table books with furniture company products. Now he is under Elite Publishing, which is really an Australian Company. He is hitting Scottsdale AZ, he only got us for $500 before we found out his true colors! BEWARE!!!

Best Regards,

Jarae Taylor
Operations Manager

Dennis B. Kirk of International Graphics

BEWARE  We have received 2 new emails that Mr. Kirk is now targeting  Wedding Photographers

Dear Editor: 

Two and a half years ago I was contacted by Dennis B. Kirk of International Graphics regarding inclusion of my sculpture in a "coffee table" type book he was producing entitled "Artists of Distinction". He offered, for a limited time, the opportunity to be a part of this exciting book for a one time cost of only $725 prepaid. This offer was only for the first 20 artists to sign up prior to January 31, 2002.I wasn't at all suspicious about the offer after receiving Mr. Kirk's beautifully designed promotional materials and reading some of the glowing comments by major artists who allegedly had already been involved with Mr. Kirk's books. I was excited about the opportunity and paid the $725 and looked forward to receiving the book(s). I also ordered 10 extra books for my best collectors which cost $180, also prepaid. 

Over the course of two years+ I have telephoned him, emailed him, and left messages on his voice mail.  When and if he returned my calls, he would give me a litany of excuses of why the books were not delivered. I finally was so frustrated I sent out emails to as many artists friends as I could find emails for to ask if they had any experience with Mr. Kirk. Sixteen artists have replied with the same lies, put-offs and hedging that I received. 

With pressure, Mr. Kirk has finally "fessed-up" on the telephone that the books were never produced and he has no money with which to refund artists. There are 16 of us that we know of who have lost money to Dennis Kirk with regard to the Artists of Distinction book. We don't want any more artists to suffer what we have gone through. Please, please put this up on your fraud page. I am certain artists would greatly appreciate your help to alert them. 

Best regards, 
Dawn Weimer 


Dear Artspace -
My name is Keith McMasters and I am a sculptor from Washington State. I was approached by Dennis Kirk of International Graphics / Scottsdale, AZ at the Phippen Western Art Show in Prescott, AZ in May of 2000 about being included in a coffee table book titled "Artists of Distinction / Western & Native American Art". I was told that the first 20 of the 40 artists to be included in the book would get a discounted rate of $725.00 and there would be a $25.00 per image fee for each transparency that I would like included in my two page spread of which I had three for a total of $75.00. So, for a nice even $800.00 I would be one of the privileged few artists to be included in this project. Well, you can read Dawn Weimer's story for an exact copy of mine. For two years we have waited and been lied to,( the books are stuck at the port due to the strike, the printers in Singapore are taking a little longer than planned, etc.) And then we finally found out after two long years of waiting that it was all a hoax. The books had never been printed in the first place.

If you could include Dennis Kirk's name on your fraud page we would be extremely grateful in that other artists wouldn't have to go through the same thing that we have.


Dear Editor:
My name is Ingrid E. Albrecht and I, too, was approached by Dennis B. Kirk  and offered an opportunity to be published in his book, "ARTISTS' OF DISTINCTION". This offer came after he wanted to publish a book on my work and I had refused. I had done some research on his book and personally, had a copy of one of his quality books on another artist. Therefore, in May of 2002, I sent him checks to cover $725.00 for publishing costs and $75.00 to cover the scanning costs for each of the three of my 8" x 10" color transparencies of my paintings. I was in contact with Mr. Kirk on many occasions, checking on the status of the book. When he did return my calls, I was informed that there were delays in getting the book out. It was
either dock strikes or some other excuses. I felt something wrong when the letters to me up until October 10, 2002 had all been dated, and the ones I had received after that had no dates. I also found it strange that a writer I know had had his book published in China around the same time frame as ours was to be published and there were no problems with customs and
delivery, as Dennis Kirk had told me.

Dennis had contacted me to send an additional check for extra books or reprints of the two-page spread. This I willingly did. On April 3, 2003, I sent an additional check for $295.00 for 1000 reprints of the two-page spread. The total amount I have lost to this scam artist is $1095.00, plus he is in possession of my three 8" x 10" color transparencies. This is my property and he has declined to respond to me in any way for me to have my property returned.

On one of the occasions when I did speak to Dennis Kirk, I had asked him how many artists were going to be included in this book. His response to me was that there were 50 artists, and with me and one additional other artist, there would be 52! Where are all of the other artists?

Thank you for including Dennis Kirk's name on your fraud page. I am extremely grateful that you have done this to warn other artists of this scam and the possibility of it happening again.


Ingrid E. Albrecht

Artspace is in the process of trying to contact Mr. Kirk to see what he has to say about this.

BEWARE  We have received 2 new emails that Mr Kirk is now targeting  Wedding Photographers

Dennis Kirk is now targeting wedding photographers under the business name of Wentworth International. I couldn't locate
this company in a web search or on the BBB (so I assumed it wasn't necessarily bad). He has a website now: and has used two email addresses in correspondence with me: and _Almost_ scheduled a meeting with him this week to view some of his books...

Thank you for keeping your website up-to-date with notices about scams! I wasn't a frequent visitor, but now I will be!
Car, Photographer

Car wrote:

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 08:55:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Car
Subject: Re: Wedding Photography Book Scam:

Thank you!!! I was getting ready to schedule a meeting with Dennis Kirk sometime this week to see some of
the other books he has published. He looks like he now has a website:, and he does
have some sample books displayed and was ready to show me some samples in person, so he's somewhat
sophisticated at this. When I asked how he chose the photographers to feature, he had mentioned to me twice
now that the WPJA list proved to be a good source for leads and his editorial staff had spent a couple of
months reviewing and judging work. Your email should save the majority of the photographers that he has
contacted (hopefully!).

Thank you again for your timely notice! 


hans van moerkerken wrote:

Dear sirs,
Visiting Carmel in February, I found many nice galleries carrying 19th century European paintings.
Except for one of them, ATELIER CARMEL,  As an appraiser of 19th century European art, I am sure 
that 40% of the presented art in this gallery where forgeries and most of the remaining pieces where of doubtful
I hope this information can be of any  use to you.

Hans van Moerkerken