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Help us stop art fraud. If you have been involved either as an artist, buyer, or  
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If you think you can not help make a difference just read about Evan Wall Carter and how several artists and Artspace
2000 help put this man behind bars. We can do this if everyone does their part. So please help and lets not hear of
 another artist or person falling victim to yet another scam. If you have a lost or stolen image(s) send us a copy and we 
will post it on the site

 Special Report: 
  Con Men and Fake Art Lying, stealing, forging, illegal coping and illegal investment schemes.
*** Important message from

Professional Sculptors are being Counterfeited  Professional Sculptors are being Counterfeited The travesty is that more than 30 USA companies and at least 30 European companies have sold thousands of illegal copies and these numbers are growing rapidly Click here to read more   

"6,000 bronzes have entered the market"

 Feb 7, 2007 9:24 pm US/Central
Artists Claim Man Conned Them Out Of Thousands
John Constantine Golfis is the brains behind two Irving art production and marketing companies, American Virtual Dimensions and IOS Fine Art, respectively.

MICHELE RESEIGH  YES!! This lady has  now been removed  from Ebay by Ebay
But watch for her and if found under another alias please let us know

New info now operating as Elite Publishing
Dennis B. Kirk of International Graphics 
    Artists of Distinction Coffee table book
                                                                  BEWARE  Wedding Photographers


Evan Wall Carter arrested
Evan Wall Carter also known as Michael Harrison was arrested at 8 a.m. Thursday January 9 2003. This is one con man that is now off the internet due to the efforts of all the people involved.  The police have charged him with 42 counts of FELONY GRAND THEFT

Beware of Marc Rosenbaum 
By Alberto Chailosky 
Do you have or know where my art isand if so
I am sure you did not know they were stolen at the time of purchase. Mr. Rosenbaum can be quite slick and deceiving. I need to know if you own one of these pieces. I have NO intention of prosecuting you , or asking for my work back. This is the man who sold them

John Drewe, 50, 
Accused of amassing large amounts of money by selling fakes of modern masters on the art market as newly rediscovered works.  It is also alleged that he corrupted valuable art archives - including those at the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum - by forging histories for the works, thereby damaging "British heritage"
and potentially ruining the reputations of the artists involved. 

Fradulent Credit Cards used to Purchase Artwork
So we called the issuing bank and, sure enough they were all stolen numbers from Americans.

Well-Traveled Renoir
In 1985, an art dealer in Missouri purchased a Renoir painting entitled La Loge (also called Au Theatre) for $191,000. He later learned the painting was a fake and was copied from an existing Renoir located in Paris.

  Mrs. Tracy Penwell 
Mr. Dror Darel  


RENOIR Sculptures at the "Rima Fine Art" gallery Scottsdale AZ  Are they Forged Castings or are they The Real Deal ????

The Court States that Mr. Jean-Emmanuel RENOIR and Mrs. HERNANDEZ, by promoting forged castings and issuing certificates of authenticity have also become jointly responsible,

see court documents

1...Artspace200 sent an email asking for House of Rima fine Art to tell us their side but unfortunately we never did get a response

2*** Artspace2000 received a phone call on June 20  from the acting attorney for House of Rima fine Art  promising to send us a detailed email with all the correct facts relating to this story. Never Recieved

3...Email received from Emmanuel Renoir and Louise Hernandez-Renoir 


Lizardi/Harp Gallery Here is the story of my bad experience with the gallery in  Pasadena California.  by Wim Heldens


Suspicious email contact
I want to view your paintings (or sculptures). Hope you have a variety of  them. I am willing to make a choice and also make a purchase of them.    


emails we have received but have not verified


**Remember everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that is why we
 recommend that  you read the information and then make up your 
own mind

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