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 I greatly value my membership in Artspace 2000 so I hope you will  quickly be able to restore me to your service. Thank you for your quick  attention to this matter.     

Andy Ross Sharp wrote:
I really enjoy the amount of traffic your site brings my way. .
Andy  asharp@humanitas.ucsb.edu

Hi Pat,

I plan on adding some new things to my site, have been doing a few portrait commissions locally and will be starting a mural in our local town hall in the next several weeks. Thanks for representing me, I did get one offer from a rep, but felt I wasn't a good fit for what he had. He did, however, see me on your site, so I am happy about that.
Thanks again! Holly Garver

This is a fantastic website, with great artists, 

Hip! Hip! Hurray!

Congratulations on your hard work and your growth! Doubling the hits is such a nice problem to have! I am delighted for us all and grateful to you for all your efforts at promoting us!
Terri tabegb@icehouse.net

MSwe597964@aol.com wrote:

Hi There;
Sure enough, I'm at an average of at least 10 hits a day to Sweeneysmen.com. Considering I often had only one hit a day  when I was advertising in "trade" magazines, I'm very pleased indeed. I'm trying to make time to draft an article. There's always a figure to paint, if only for my own collection. My sense is that your website will help artists like me make a living off of a passion in the long run. Thank you for such a  vehicle.
Mark Sweeney.

Subject: re: my listing:
From: "charles newland" <himself@cenewland.com>
I'm listed on your site and have been receiving referrals from you... very pleased
Charles E. Newland
visit my website at :http://www.cenewland.com
I really like your site and as I noticed about 450 people saw my web site in a month because I was listed on your membership page at artspace2000.com. You know, I do want to sell my paintings. I like the idea of your Artspace Shopping Center.

Hi Pat I am doing well with my website. I have sold to individuals in Belgium, Japan, California, etc from my web site.
Bye for now,
Mary Sorrow Hughes

Lenni Hirsh receeived an email asking her what she thought of Artspace200 by a complete stranger and here is her reply to them
My LONG reply: by Lenniw Hirsh
Dear Olga
Actually it is the only site that I can definitely recommend and definitely know I have had contact and even sales from viewers. I also did a website for  one of the art associations in which I am very active (N ew Rochelle Art 
Association) and Pat put it up in the organizations link. That night I  received an e-mail from an artist in Greenwich Connecticut...not far - and  she juried in and joined the association that month. Someone is definitely looking at Artspace 2000.

Pat has done a great job with the site. Lots of interesting information about materials to use, how to take slides etc. I was one of the original  members (at her invitation) and instinctively knew it was special because it  was one of the 1st to attract international artists. There are many similar  websites now but I am not surprised that (in Yahoo's listings) it gets more  hits than most including 'professional galleries'. 

Do be wary of internet sites who scan for artists to 'join' at great cost  (Worlds' Best Artists - $400 plus yearly maintenance). My question  remains...'if you found my website why do I need to pay you to put 4 or 5 
paintings on your site and link back to me?'. They all claim to have clients  who go directly to them. Yeah!!!! Artspace 2000 has been the exception  probably because it does have great and varied art and Pat is not selling 
your art or making any claims. She has however forwarded special requests she  receives if she thinks my art (any of the artist's work) fits the request. 

The more free sites you are on or can link with the better for you. Pat is  not literally selling your work but she is providing a service by making her  web site popular and appealing and the cost is reasonable. It is the only  site I consider (to date) worth the money.
 Thanks for the praise about  my work


I've just completed two public art commissions for the Port Of San Diego.I painted these Sun Surf and Sand themed banners to be displayed in the parking lot and along the airport terminals at the San Diego International Airport (Lindburg Field). These are banners 3ft wide by 12 ft tall and 4 ft wide by 16 ft tall, painted front and back. Thanks guys

Congratulations to Michaela Akers
Pat - I thought I would share some great news. I was nominated and accepted to participate in the International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art in FLorence, Italy - December 2001.More information on this can be found at http://www.artestudio.net
I believe I am seeing manifestations from your great and spiritual efforts. Thank you. Michaela (Note: It is quite an expensive proposition, but I am leaving it in God's hands, as always.)
- Michaela

Thank you so much for your most prestegious Award. I was always a bit hesitant 
to apply for it ! I am now at ease. Sure I have 300+ awards,
But Yours is one of the most sought after. I have it posted here
I enjoyed all of the artspace art ecspecially the watercolor studios.Thank you for being an inspiration to me It now makes me think about being an artist even more.I am looking for art classes if anyone there knows anyone please write back and let me know
sincerly a big fan,
courtney boahn of claytonTmcabo@aol.com
You have a great site here...such a lot of fantastic art...I loved it


 Dear Art Space Team

 Thank you for your brilliant web site! You've probably saved me a lot of money. 
 I was about to bid for the subject Picasso and whilst searching for some background information came across your site.  This guy is clearly up to no good!  The auction ends 18 Sept at 21.46 UK time. This is the 4th 'original' Picasso sold over the past week!

 Kind Regards, Donald in London UK 

Donaldinlondon@aol.com wrote:


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