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Art Space 2000
is more than just a place to put your image.

Art Space 2000 works  like an artist cooperative, therefore the annual membership fee goes to cover the on going costs of Internet promotion, which attracts traffic for the benefit of all exhibitors. Most of this promotion is directed to advertising in order to attract certain clientele to our site, such as interior designers, doctors, lawyers,  corporations, movie studios etc This kind of targeted promotion can get rather expensive for a single studio, however by spreading these costs over the entire group, no individual artist is saddled with a big advertising bill.

is dedicated to continually bring new visitors to our cyber gallery who are interested in art . These visitors are potential customers who can then easily choose to visit you or any of the other exhibitors in the Artspace2000 Community.

We are constantly striving to promote your site and bring you new ways to help and protect yourself.  We are a family and if you have a problem we want to try and help. For more reasons why it is a good idea to list your site click here Why list with  Artspace2000

Scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the application form.

In order to become a member you must be juried in by our jurors. As much as, we would like everyone to enjoy the benefits of membership you must be juried in, as that is the way we maintain our high standards. It is our high standards that set us apart from other art-related sites. As a member, would you have it any other way?

If you'd like to have your work included at Art Space the only charge is a $60.00 usd per year membership fee. This moderate amount is dedicated to promoting your art work on your web site. You pay no fees or commissions ( other then $60.00 usd per year $ 20.00 for each additional image over the 1 included with your membership fee. ). You deal directly with all buyers.  

Or if you do not have a web site then try our artists portfolios where you are " in charge "  You upload your images and you can change them any time you want and as often as you like. Get your in charge portfolio by  Clicking  Here

What your membership includes:
Your membership fee of $60.00 usd for the 1st year  will entitle  you to one image (with link back to your site) and 1 brief statement about yourself or your work. You may wish to enter more than 1 gallery / image. Each additional gallery  or image is an additional $20.00 usd which will entitle you  to another picture and another statement for a period of 1 year. The renewal rates will differ from the first year depending on your level or number of years with us..

1st yr       you are a regular "Member"
2nd yr     you are a " Signature - Member"
3rd yr      you are a "Bronze - Signature - Member"
4th yr      you are a "Silver - Signature - Member"
5th Yr    You are a  "Gold - Signature - Member"
6th Yr    You are a  "Life Time - Member"
7th Yr    No more renewals ever again   renewals are free

After your lifetime membership is paid you will never have to pay for a renewal again. You will now be a Life Time Member.

Benefits to being a member:

Art Space2000 is not in any way involved with your sales - potential customers contact you directly, and all transactions are between you and them. With no "middleman", there is no percentage for you to pay.

** You pay no fees or
commissions on sales. You deal direct with all contacts 
** No email where it is monitored then passed on to you.
More hits to your web site.
** Free support for your site questions and needs 
** Association with some of the best artists on the net
** Instant access to  well over  2   million visits a month. ( no waiting 3 months to be listed )
** Access to listings and directories of qualified art buyer lists.
** Notification of jobs and or requests for art work
How to  apply for membership:

Please complete the form at the bottom of this page. We will jury your images from your web site. If you are accepted we will post your image and bio then you will receive an email telling you that you are listed  and to check out your information and get back to us if there are to be any changes.
Payments are posted only if you are accepted 


If you have any questions . Try our live help at the bottom of this page. Thank you



I understand there is a fee of $60.00 usd for the 1 st yr

Method of Payment


Email **

Ph number

URL e.g. (http://www.?????.com)*

Name of Image to use?
Included in your membership fee
Which gallery would you like this image to be listed in?

Name of additional images? Add $20.00 US per image on anything over 1 image
Which gallery would you like this image to be listed in?

$ 20.00
Which gallery would you like this image to be listed in?

Country you reside in

Take bio from my site Yes No
If no, type your bio / statement below

And finally, are you willing to add the distinguished Art Space 2000 return link logo somewhere on your own website or a text link. This will associate you with an acclaimed online fine arts gallery, which will further enhance your studio's image, and will help establish the all-important professional credibility for the visitors who enter your site and offer them a way to return to Art Space 2000 to view your colleagues work.

I agree with all of the above

Yes No


How did you hear about us

Be sure to white list us so that if you are accepted your acceptance does not go into 
your spam folder. 


Have a question or need to speak with someone?
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