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 4 in high      $ 4500.00     


A Day in the Park
Donald Wright

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The art of Donald Wright has been shown in major museums, galleries and universities in the United States, Europe and Japan and is represented in many collections both public and private. He holds a master in Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art and has served on the faculties of Pennsylvania State University, Central Washington State University and Utah State University. Now spending full time in his studio creating one-of-a-kind bronze sculptures, the resulting work appears as pure form in space and is being referred  to as " The Contemplation of Reality "
"For over forty years now, it has been my happy task to create sculpture. In the main,
my work has been non-representational, but I prefer to conceive of it as all-representational
-- of my widely-varied life experiences. Each piece is a bronze casting made from my wax
original. Many are models for monumental size enlargement. My creative emphasis is on highly
three-dimensional forms that are as natural as nature itself. Collectors who have owned my
work for years report that the sublety and complexity of each piece makes it newly
interesting and provocative, never to be finally or totally experienced.
This is my goal."

Miniature Soldiers
Mark Sweeney

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Founded Jan. 1999 by a small group of purists. 18th Century is our focus, but 1200-1945 is also available upon request. We have a comprehensive reference library in house. We therefore would love to hear from you collectors out there!


Miniature Soldiers
Mark Sweeney

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1st Floor Room 1

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