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Surfing the wave


Peter Fauland

Web Site    France


I work as a freelance landscape and people photographer and concentrated on the mid-west of the United States of America in the last years

Sometimes it takes many, many hours or even days before the light is right, the location is perfect, etc. You have to be very patient. In addition there is a little - you might call it spiritual aspect. It's me and this breathtaking landscape. And I am allowed to be there right in this special moment. You start shooting and then suddenly you know, this was the right moment. Afterwards, you can't wait to see the results. 

Selected photographs are scanned in high resolution or post processed out of the RAW camera file and printed in small editions of usually around 25 on fine-art canvas using an EPSON Stylus Photo large format printer using RIP software for fine art printing. This allows me to keep the perfect control of the printing process. The prints are supposed to have a life time of at least 60 years under gallery conditions.

All prints are delivered signed and with a certificate. For further information, don't hesitate to contact me. 


Lisa Black
Life Time  Member
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I've spent my life looking at and admiring all kinds of pictures photographs and paintings alike. As for me, looking through the lens of a camera and zeroing in on something beautiful or unusual is a downright exciting thing! The joy of shooting pictures has awarded me the pleasure of receiving over 100 prizes in photography and several other media. My photos do not resemble those I loved in Life but I do enjoy taking pictures of whatever catches my eye, being able to freeze the images in still time--where they can be seen and enjoyed over and over again.. Picasso inspired me to paint. Seeing his exhibition in Paris--the variety, vitality, and strength of his work--I had little choice but to begin. Now, an artist myself, I've experimented with many media. I love the bold colors of acrylics, the magic of watercolors, the joy of mono prints--the endless possibilities of washes in black and gray. My purpose is to explore and experiment with a variety of media for the sheer joy of producing art that is colorful, strong, expressionistic and  individualistic. Click on image to see more wonderful photos.



Bruce Passen


Web Site    United States    United States


Born in 1953 in New York City, Bruce Passen has been a professional photographer his entire life. A second-generation photographer, Passen was first taught by his father Jack using a 4x5 Crown Graphic view camera. Developing his artistic skills, Passen spent ten years in a professional custom print lab using a Super Chromega enlarger. He then owned and operated two professional photography studios. He has spent years shooting landscapes and is dedicated to his love of fine art photography.

“…My deepest belief is that photography is a true art. My greatest accomplishment is to express to the viewer my emotions and inner thoughts.”

Reuben Demanuele


Website       Malta


Maltese...a rare species? yes. Many people do not know of the existence of this miniscule island in the mediterranean with 400000 people living, crying, get the idea.

I am Maltese, a photographer of all that is Life. I seek it, embrace it and love it, and the best way I know how to do this is through the lines, colours and shapes of my photographs.

I have discovered my art relatively late in life, having started my working life as a pharmacist. Nowadays I cannot entertain the idea of living without the chance to capture moments, to distill from them all that a beautiful photograph can give to the viewer. I am happiest during those moments when I realize that I have achieved this.

My work, like any artist`s work, breathes my life experiences, the people I have met and loved, the sights I have seen and the things I have done. Till now I have relied on the outside world for my raw material, but I increasingly am discovering the control that a studio offers as a means of expressing my inner self. I consider my work as a growing child. There is still much that I must discover and learn.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my work.




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