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La Collection
Marie Helene Auclair

Web Site        Canada


Auclair had an early attraction to art. « Very young, I discoverered that I had a natural aptitude for drawing » she recalls. « My drawings of Bambi were in great demand, and I dreamed of working for Walt Disney Productions when I grew up ». But that was not to be, as life led her in other directions. For about 10 years she worked as a dance teacher, while drawing, theatre and litterature were just hobbies in her life.
It took a monumental discovery to renew Auclair's artistic passion. « Having had a difficult childhood, I felt an intense desire was to find my biological mother. In 1993, my life took a decisive turn when I discovered who she was. For my mother's own reasons, she wouldn't agree to a meeting with me.
However, from documents I was permitted to examine, I learned that my mother had studied at The Beaux-Arts de Montréal and came from a musically talented family. I also learned that my father had been a scientist. This information about my biological parents' background was in such contrast with the physical and social setting in which I was reared.
« The same day that I learned about my parents and my past was the day I decided to apply myself to my art. I dusted off my pencils and started working in earnest and have never stopped.
Knowing my biological mother was an artist was a very powerful emotional motivation for me to apply myself to my own art. I now have the conviction that drawing is a part of who I am. »
Defining herself as a self-taught artist, Auclair says, « My work is very instinctive, though I'm influence by others and admire the work of many artists » 

The Power of Silence


Dennis Clark

Web Site      United States


1937 born in Chicago

If one could assemble a complete collection of DEBO's works, spanning over a quarter century of excellence, it would be easy to understand why DEBO has become an artist of international reputation with paintings displayed in some of the world's most prestigious museums and private collections.

DEBO's self-taught style, hauntingly reminiscent of Rembrandt, has been perfected over years spent capturing the spirit and essence of the time on canvas as seen through the faces of his subjects.

DEBO's extensive wine collection brought him naturally to the creation of the The Vintners Collection, a highly-acclaimed series of twenty-five portraits comprising this country's finest winemakers such as Robert Mondavi, Louis Martini, Joseph Heitz and Tom Jordan.

Once again expanding and exploring along with his art, DEBO is currently marrying his philosophical nature with his portrait studies in his Prophet Series and breaking new ground with his exquisite still lifes in between commissioned oil portraits of uncanny realism and beauty. A new quarter- century of excellence in art begins...



Kristina's Prom
Rose Moon

Web Site      United States

Since 1992 I have primarily concentrated on a series of drawings and paintings using watercolor and diverse drawing media. The imagery in the individual pieces involves realistic and meticulously rendered interpretations of subject matter.

The body of work has evolved into a visual documentation of the peripheral visual information surrounding 'main events.' Main events can be defined as being subjective experiences that are charged with emotional expectations and attachments. Examples of main events include waiting for a friend at an outdoor café (or sitting alone immersed in thought), patronizing a bakery prior to entertaining, and a cross country automobile trip with stops for gasoline at truck stops.

The interpretation of the exchange with the friend (or the cross-country trip, etc.) is dependent upon the events that occur prior to and after the experience; whereas, the unchangeable reality is reflected in the pigeons underfoot, pin ball players at the truck stop, the graffiti delivery truck parked across from the bakery, or a thought or vision inspired by current events.

The peripheral visual information brings forth subjective associations and experiences for each of the viewers. It draws us into and then out of mundane reality into the realization of the greater whole. Thus the connection to spirit.


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