YOOdels !                     Guidelines for Illustrators and Cartoonists
Illustrators have several choices when submitting to markets, Many freelancers send a cover letter and one or two  samples in initial mailing. Others prefer a simple postcard showing the illustrations, Here are a few of your options:

Postcard. Choose one (or more) of your illustrations that is representative of your style, then have the image printed on postcards, Have your name, address and phone number printed on the front of the postcard, or in the return address corner, Somewhere on the card should be printed the word "illustrator". If you use one or two colors you can keep the cost below $200.00 Art directors like postcards because they  are easy to file or tack on a bulletin board, if the art director likes what he/she sees, they can always call you for more samples.

Promotional sheet. If you want to show more of your work, you can opt for an 8x12 color or black and white  photocopy of your work.

Tearsheets. After you complete assignments acquire  copies of any printed pages on which your illustrations appear. Tearsheets impress art directors because they are proof that you are experienced and have met deadlines on previous projects

Photographs and Slides Some illustrators have been successful sending photographs or slides, but printed or photocopied samples are  preferred by most art directors.

Query or Cover Letter A query letter is a nice way to introduce yourself to an art director for the first time. One or two paragraphs stating  you are available for freelance work is all you need, Include your phone number ,samples or tearsheets.
If you send  8X12 photocopies or tearsheets, do not fold them in thirds, It is more professional  to send them flat, not folded, in a 9x12 envelope, along with a typed query letter, preferably on your own professional stationery.
Humorous illustrators and cartoonists should follow the same guidelines as illustrators when submitting to publishers, greeting card companies, ad agencies and design firms Professional looking photocopies work well when submitting multiple cartoons to magazines,


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