How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Your potential clients are busy! Piles of samples cross their desks each day. They may spend only a few seconds glancing at each sample while making their way through the " slush " pile( an industry term for unsolicited submissions). Make yourself stand out in simple ,effective ways:

Tie your query letter with your sample,
When sending an initial mailing to a potential client, include a query letter of introduction with your sample, Type it on a great-looking letterhead of your own design, Make your sample tie in with your query letter by repeating a design element from your sample onto your letterhead, List some of your past clients within your letter.

Send Artful Invoices
After you complete assignments, a well-designed invoice (with one of your illustrations or designs strategically placed on it, of course) will make you look professional and help art directors remember you ( and hopefully, think of you for another assignment)

Follow up with seasonal promotions
Holiday promotions build relationships while reminding past and potential clients of your services, So get out your calendar now and plan some special promos for one of this year's holidays.

Stand out with holiday promos
Holiday and seasonal promotions are a surefire way to build relationships and name recognition.

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