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Golden Bronco Can Can Saloon

Lithographic limited edition print will be for sale in the near future.
Copyright #: VAU669-273
Size: 24" x 34"
Price: $200 each (when available)

Original Oil Painting
Size: 41" x 60"
Price: $1,250,000

Entire Collection
Price: $5,370,000

The oil painting will also be available for purchase in near future. Keep it in mind, because there's no other painting in the world like this one. It's the only one in existence, a unique masterpiece, and unparalleled by any other American Western painting ever created.

Lithographic limited edition print
Virginia City Opera Saloon

Lithographic limited edition print will be for sale in the Copyright #:  VAU 225516
Size:  27" x 37"
Price:  $200 each (when available)
Additional Info:  2" border frame


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Richard Lee Cheney 

Web Site       United States


Master artist: Richard Lee Cheney, is proud to present a unique,3 dimensional style of the western and American gypsy paintings ,done with a larger majestic approach, which gives the viewer a more better magnitude of each scene. These are very unusual and give the conasur, a new and larger panoramic  insight, into a world of the western cowboy, and the American gypsy not seen before, are attempted, until this time. An American accomplishment of rare and unusual beauty ,of oil painting styles ,that are a majestic 3 dimensional  panoramas of the western movement ,and the exotic gypsy caravan migrations, across the western American. The website shows large blow up pictures of each painting ,and is quite an enjoyable experience. Richard Lee Cheney ,is the worlds most up and coming, western, and gypsy artist to come along this century. also Richard Lee Cheney, has paintings in European museums. A one in a million art talent, versatile ,in many areas of the western ,and gypsy art cultural aspects, of the American development So if you would like to see art, that is an totally different, and unlike anything you've seen before ,THIS IS THE PLACE .