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A Fine Day for Sailing


  Richard Herron

Web Site     United States


Growing up moving throughout Latin America he continued practicing on the new models from Detroit, then on original designs of mid-ship engine GTs. He constructed two of his original designs from sheet plastic, mounting one on a 1/18th chassis of an XJ 220 Jaguar and the other on a Lamborghini Diablo chassis. These were awarded second and first place at the Northern Virginia IMPSI modelers shows in 1996 and 1997 respectively. Knowing that he did not have the funds to build his own exotic designs he settled instead on doing paintings of the more impressive cars of his childhood and early adult years.

Today he freelances as an automotive artist and has accepted and completed many commissions form classic car owners across the country and in Canada. He is already a recognized and established American Automotive artist. He has licensing agreements with Carroll Shelby and The Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Co., which allows him to sell reproductions of his art work with their authorization.

Rick is proud to have had a print of his work, Auburn in Asheville, represented in one of Americas most prominent automotive museums, the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana along with other important American automotive museums he is not at liberty to disclose on this site. Mercedes Benz commissioned the work ďA Fine Day For SailingĒ of a 300SL which now sits in a San Jose, California dealership.

Rick paints in acrylics and also does digital art. He loves old cars but is also an environmentalist and has begun a series of environmental paintings. This endeavor will take time, money and a strong commitment. He wishes this new direction in art to make a statement about manís relationship with his environment and his impact on it. Each era is defined by its art and its better art conceptualizes in a more satisfactory way a current societyís place within its surroundings. Often this art is a reflection of a new view of manís place in the scheme of things or a radical change in the physical world he occupies or the spectrum through which he views it. With this new movement Rick will be taking a risk in presenting a not always pleasant portrait but after all art requires risk taking.


Almost Finished
16 x 20 oil

Dan Reid

Web Site    Canada


Dan Reid is a self-taught Western Canadian artist who has spent all his life on the prairies. Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan instilled in him an appreciation for the ever-changing moods of the prairie landscape and its beautiful open skies.

His interest in the vanishing prairie elevator as well as antique cars is reflected in many of his paintings which provide a nostalgic glimpse into Canadaís past.

Dan currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His travels throughout western Canada provide him with a constant source of inspiration for his paintings.

Danís other interests include snowboarding in the winter and, in the summer, he and his wife Jean drive their 1931 Chev street rod around Saskatchewan and Alberta where they enjoy attending car shows and meeting other car enthusiasts.



Machine-Made Baron


Mark Adams

Web Site     Canada


With admission into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in September 2006, Mark released the "Relentless" collection of paintings. While of various themes, Mark has said that the title of the collection "represents my drive, at this time, to be more relentless with promotion and finding where my work fits in the world." November 2006 saw the creation of the poster for Theatre Grenfell's stage production of Nicholas Nickleby, Parts 1 and 2, of which Mark had designed.

Into the Winter of 2007, Mark released "Embrace catastrophe", a collection of darker, two-to-three tonal paintings with stark, perplex images. A practice of working more tonally is seen with the release of "Foward to Folklore", another painting collection released in March of 2007. Mark also made work in Digital and video art, creating {Stills} (2), a website branch for digitally manipulated images (Much like {stills} showing original photography) and "Target Audience (parts 1 & 2)" respectively.

In April 2007, Mark selected and exhibited 4 recent works in Oil and Mixed media into "123ART!", the SWGC Art Gallery Student Exhibition.