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A Matter of Perspective  


Teresa Saborsky

Gold - Signature Member

  Web Site            U.S.A

With each piece I create, whether it is functional or sits on a mantel, I hope to stir something inside a person - to tickle the back of the mind, to provoke a second or third look, to want to touch it, feel it, to see something different with each viewing. Each piece is meant to provide a difference in perspective as well as take the eye and imagination on a creative journey. 



Divine Union

Joe Xuereb

Signature - Member

Web Site   Europe


Xuereb's art is closely linked with the prehistoric past of Gozo, a small island with its own distinctive character, going back to Neolithic times. His medium, the soft globigerina limestone of Gozo, is highly adapted to his working technique, using traditional tools inherited from his father, a traditional stone mason in his younger days. 

He has made his name known beyond the confines of Malta and has had numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, where he has exhibited in the Dutch university city of Groningen, Paris, Berlin and other major German cities as well as mounting a path-breaking show at the Lincoln Centre in New York. Since 1998, his work has been permanently on display at 'SOL' Sculpture Gallery of Siena, Italy and has also executed some large pieces for the Chianti Sculpture Park located in the Tuscany region.

In 1992, the Dutch magazine "Woonbeeld' has featured prominently Joe's work following his first personal exhibition outside his homeland. In 1999, his work was selected and given extensive coverage in the CNN programme 'ArtClub' that dealt about Maltese art. Today he runs his own Sculpture Gallery which has already been visited by clients coming from over 70 countries. His works are found in private collections ranging from Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia to Florida, California , Minnesota in the U.S.A.

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