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Helene Fleury

Web Site     Canada

Helene Fleury was born in 1959. Drawing, sculpting and creations of all sorts have always been a natural necessity for her. Believing in the importance of mastering the techniques before acceding to a true liberty in the making of the artwork, she interupted her studies in visual arts at Laval University in Québec city to learn from professional portraitists, how to observe, percieve the subject, the vibration of forms and colors and how to use the most efficient manner to express it, considerations that where missing in the conceptual teaching.

   Portrait on command, the foundation of her entreprise Atelier Dufaux, teaching, large scale works as the coordination and artistic direction of working sites for monumental murals and sculpture brought her a vast polyvalency in technics and methods and gave her the possibility to accomplish a wide variety of artworks.

   She is mostly renound for her monumental murals in Québec city and Sherbrooke. Since a few years, she works avidly on sculpting and painting in her studio and exposes in galleries.






Carole A. Feuerman

Web Site     U.S.A


Carole Feuerman is acknowledged as one of America’s major realist sculptors. Her work is included in the collections of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey, President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, Dr. Henry Kissinger, President Mikhail Gorbachev, the Forbes Magazine Collection, and many others. Feuerman's selected honors include: First Prize in the 2008 Beijing Biennale, the Peabody Award, the Betty Parson Sculpture Award, and the Medici Award.

Feuerman had her first comprehensive retrospective, called "From Studio to Foundry: Three Decades of Sculpture," at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in 2000 (catalogue essays by critics John Yau and Donald Kuspit). In 2004, she exhibited in "An American Odyssey 1945-1980" with the most prominent American artists of the post-WWII era. In the following year she presented two workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art working specifically with inner city youths. In 2006, her "painting with fire" sculpture "Zeus and Hera," was installed in the permanent collection of the prestigious "Grounds for Sculpture" in Hamilton, New Jersey.

In 2007 Feuerman’s work saw three new exhibitions: a one person entitled "By the Sea," curated by John T. Spike, which opened at the Pavilion Paradiso as part of the 2007 Venice Biennale; another solo exhibition, "Lust & Desire," at Art-St-Urban in Switzerland, curated by Gertrud Aeschlimann (catalogue essays by Stephen C. Foster and Peter Frank); and third, OPEN 10, an international sculpture exhibition again held in Venice, sponsored by Arte Communications and curated by Paolo de Grandis. In June 2008, the Moretti Galleria d’Arte in Florence featured "La Scultura Incontra la Realtá," which marked the first solo exhibition for a contemporary artist in the renowned gallery’s history. The 30 piece collection was accompanied by a film presentation. Moretti Fine Art, London also had an exposition of Feuerman’s work in spring of 2008. Feuerman’s monumental sculpture, "Olympic Swimmer," will be featured in the Olympic Fine Arts exhibition at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Following the close of the 2008 games, it will travel with the Olympic art exhibition until 2010 when it will be permanently installed in the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Currently, Feuerman is working on a commission by Seward Johnson and the Atlantic Foundation for permanent installation in their outdoor sculpture garden. The work, a painted, bronze realist sculpture of a woman in a shower that will incorporate real running water, can be seen year round. Feuerman will have a 50 piece retrospective at the Amarillo Art Museum in Texas, curated by Graziella Marchicelli, on display from November 2008 through January 2009. In April and May of 2009, she returns to Florence for her third major retrospective at Forte Belvedere. The show will include 100 works created over 30 years, including 10 "monumental" pieces specifically created for this event. During 2009, "Gloria," one of Feuerman’s earliest paintings, will be part of a traveling group exhibition entitled "Psychedelic - Optical Visionary Art since the 60's," curated by David S. Rubin of the Brown Foundation. This exhibit will begin at the San Antonio Museum of Art, followed by a US tour. In 2010 she will have another traveling show—a one person exhibition originating at the El Paso Museum of Art in Texas, curated by Michael Tomor.

Feuerman has been featured in "A History of Western Art," Harry Abrams’ latest coffee-table book, written by Antony Mason and John T. Spike. This compilation covers the history of artistic expression spanning from early cave paintings and Leonardo da Vinci, to modern masters Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. Feuerman’s "Grande Catalina" is featured in the section, New Media: New Directions.

Feuerman’s work is represented as follows: Jim Kempner Gallery in New York City; Stephen Foster Fine Arts in New London, Connecticut; Scott Richards Contemporary Art in San Francisco, Moretti Galleria d’Arte in Florence, London and New York City; Asian Art Connections and the Gotham Gallery in Asia and New York City; and Art-St-Urban in Switzerland.

She currently resides in Manhattan and maintains studios in New York City and Florence.

By Stephen C. Foster




 Life Size Horse

Michelle Farrell

Web Site      New Zeland






Michelle Farrell

Web Site      New Zeland


Bio to follow


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