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Captured Light"
24" x 43"
US$ 1250

Acryl on linen
32" x 32"
US $1065.

Erik Koen van Glabbeek

Bronze - Signature Member

Web site          Holland


The Dutch artist Erik Koen van Glabbeek has chosen to follow his own path,  with his own unique style. His colourful and highly expressive acrylic  paintings give the viewer a sense of energy and excitement. The inspiration  comes from colours, structures and effects in free nature, which arise 
through the influence of bright light. What he aims to express is the  world of dreams and not a reproduction of the visual world. Besides his  profession as an artist, he is also a composer of piano music in the  romantic style of the 19th century.


End of the ride

Life in the Shadows


Susan F Greaves

Web Site     U.S.A


Susan F. Greaves is a Louisiana native andimpressionism art landscape oil paintings believes her earliest art influence was the graceful and classic architecture favored there. After receiving her bachelor of arts degree from Louisiana State University in interior design, she worked in New Orleans and then moved to Florida, Maine, Bermuda, Sicily, and Washington state as her husband served as a Navy flight surgeon and trained in pathology.

Meanwhile, she painted occasionally and took every history of art course available to her. She returned to painting in Seattle under the instruction of William F. Reese in 1976. His unwavering dedication to the foundational concepts of painting and to integrity set the direction and standard for her subsequent work. After moving to Redding, California, in 1977, she studied with the acclaimed Sergei Bongart in Idaho and Los Angeles as a scholarship student. Through him, the influence of the Russian Impressionists is evident in her work.

original online art galleryGreaves' work is described as "a fine example of strong, painterly style". Her paintings are noted for their light and color. She uses classical methods of careful observation and direct execution to portray subjects ranging from florals and still life to landscapes and figures.

Her life-long fascination with horses has found expression in equine subjects. Ranching scenes, horse shows and eventing, and the memorable views of her adopted landscape and frequent travels provide constant visual stimulation.


Yaqui I
Mary Louise Lopez

Web Site    
United States


Mary Louise Lopez, a native born Texan, is an established professional artist who works in the following media: acrylic, watercolor, stone, wood sculpture, conte & pastel, pen & ink, woodblock and lithography.

Her artwork is included in many corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. Among some of Ms. Lopez' awards, exhibits, and invitations include:

  • A commission by Medical Center Hospital to do a painting of a mother and child for their newborn intensive care unit
  • An invitation to exhibit in the North and South America Indigenous Artists Exhibition sponsored by Artists Indigenas
  • First Place award in sculpture at the Fourth Annual Juried Latin/Indigena Woman's Art Exhibit
  • A commission by the National Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health and Human Services Organization for a poster distributed nationwide
  • One of eight artists featured by the U.S. Dept of Labor Women's Bureau for a specially commissioned poster
  • A commission by the McDonald Corporation for a poster commemorating Hispanic Heritage Week in the U.S.
  • An invitation to exhibit in "Inner Visions", an exhibit of Hispanic women artists of Texas
  • Selected works exhibited at the Galeria Ortiz in San Antonio, Texas



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