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Maxim Viskov

Web Site    Canada


My name is Anastasia, and I want to personally thank you for visiting this page! I am a self-representing artist, currently living in Milton, Canada. I started painting when I was 15, but for many years only my close friends could see and enjoy my canvases. Recently I decided to share my work with the rest of the world, and here on this website you can see my paintings, created during different periods of my life.
Why Felicity Art?
The dictionary explains the meaning of "Felicity" as following: Pleasing and appropriate manner or style (especially manner or style of expression) Happiness: state of well-being, characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy



PNT Passages lX

Winslow Myers

Web Site       United


In a book on Braque, it pleased me to find this statement by Pierre Reverdy: "The poetic image is born of the bringing together of two more or less distant realities, between which only the spirit grasps the relationship." Some works of Braque embody this principle literally, by means of a bisected canvas, which helped inspire my series of diptychs. I call these diptychs 'Passages' because the word has a multiplicity of meanings associated with voyages, change, death, and contrast, like the contrast between tropic and temperate out of which Wallace Stevens made poetry. Two conditions or weathers or lights can be juxtaposed in a way that they become one, something greater than the sum of their parts. I'm interested in whatever can help me to discover the "poetry" within the "prose" of everyday appearances, at which point the representational becomes the "presentational." When a painting reads more as an image or sign than a resemblance, its autonomous life derives as much from the uninhibited application of paint itself, from discovering something in the very act of making, as it does from the ancient impulse to mimesis. That figuration can find further freshening in the innovations of 'action painting' testifies to an unforeseen continuity in the momentum of poetic thought. When the hermetic world of the canvas refreshes its motifs and the motifs return the favor, this mysterious integration opens up new zones of experience. Painting, a medium of silence and revelatory depth almost obsolete in a world of echoing surfaces, may find further ways to reclaim the flow of time, the passage of night into morning, late summer into fall, snow into sunlit thaw. Let it be as Stevens asserted: "These arts that are so often regarded as exhausted are only in their inception."


Road Home
Anne Burkholder

Web Site    United States

I call my paintings prairie Horizons. For me there is something special about the place where the sky meets the  earth. ... A line sometimes clear and sharp sometimes so diffuse,  it melts into the scene without leaving a trace. I am a romantic and want to portray the vast expanse of the land and space. I am also very interested in the patterns of the land, which I see in three levels: the natural pattern of hills, rivers, trees and clouds. The human-made patterns of fences, roads and shape of fields, and the pattern of light and shadow


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