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Happy Dance


Cecilia Price

Web Site     United States  


Cecilia Antoinette Price is an artist presently working in watercolors, although she has painted in oils, acrylics and pastels. She is well known on the internet and is featured at many prestigious sites. She is the author of a book she developed for beginning students in watercolor while she taught through Auburn University's Outreach program. The title of the book is "Adventures in Beginning Watercolor". She lives in rural Alabama, gardens, and paints the flowers she grows. Her work has appeared on magazine covers, has been featured in "The Watercolor Gazette", out of Canada, and recently American Frame Company featured one of her works as their March featured print. 

Cecilia has been painting in various media since she was a teenager.




Valley Below

Marie Morro

  Web Site    United States


As an artist, I have created artwork using clay, photography, stained glass, oil paints, and acrylics. As a native Long Islander, I have found inspiration in exploring the natural beauty of Long Island and upstate New York, along with human nature, the wondrous, simple truths and complex realities.

For me, the artist is a prism and art is light that the artist can bend, shape, enhance or diminish. The viewer then filters the resulting creation through his own reality, revealing the piece’s unique message to the soul.

Art in any form can touch the soul. And when the soul is touched it is enriched. May you be enriched!

If you have some time, don't miss the opportunity of visiting The Armand Gallery located on 97th West Main Street, Bayshore, NY where I presently have some of my artwork on display. 



Marie Lynch

  Web Site    United States


I have had the good fortune, early in life, to discover a passion for fine art, and have never tired of experiencing the artistic process over the ensuing four decades. From still lifes to abstracts, surrealism to portraiture, I have enjoyed exploring all of these fascinating mediums. 

However, portraiture is an expression to which I always return, as it satisfies my duel attraction to people and art. It is thrilling to think of capturing the essence of a person, and that one day his/her descendents will look at that portrait, long after both subject and artist are gone, hopefully with the ability to experience and understand that individual, thereby forming a bond to their own past.

With regard to my work in collage, this medium allows yet another creative expression which I take great pleasure in pursuing. Collage is a new medium for me; yet in it I feel all my years of study combine to express themselves with fluidity in the execution of these pieces.



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